Wednesday, February 25, 2009

For the Love of the Music

D’Addario is fortunate to have a large number of associates in various jobs throughout our company that still play their instruments professionally or for personal enjoyment. Starting with CEO Jim D’Addario (guitar), President Rick Drumm (drums), Fretted/Planet Waves product manager Brian Vance (guitar), Evans product manager Mike Robinson (drums), Rico product manager Robert Polan (oboe), Custom Install manager Robert D’Addario (drums), Rob Cunningham (guitar), VP Sales & Marketing David Via (drums) are but a few of the musicians we have. They have very full time positions and responsibilities that encompass the design, manufacture, marketing and sales of D’Addario strings, Evans drumheads, Rico reeds and Planet Wave accessories yet they still play. First and foremost, they play for the love of the music. Also, because we are still active musically, we keep a deep connection to those performing and teaching the music as well as their equipment needs. We not only have the inner passion to play music, we have the desire to make better products for everyone that shares our passion.

This past year I had the opportunity to play with jazz saxophonist Frank Catalano on a number of occasions. I have attached a YouTube link to a gig we did at the Hollywood Highland Center this past June. I also had the opportunity to play the Peaks Jazz Festival with a tremendously talented group of high school musicians in the Crescent Super Band. Here is the links to a couple of the tunes we performed. It was great to see the level of commitment and the love these kids have for the music.

Whether you play professionally, semi-professionally or just for your own enjoyment, know that we understand your desire and passion. The musicians at D’Addario are committed to continually creating new and better products that help you realize your musical dreams.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Welcome to the Rico Blog

Welcome to the Rico blog - a space to post news and info about the woodwind world. Check back weekly for updates.

We've just returned from the TMEA (Texas Music Educator) Conference in San Antonio, Texas. Aside from eating way too much Texas BBQ and great Mexican food, I'm happy to say that the mood was very upbeat from music educators despite a tough economy.

Music remains such an important part of our lives and our hard working music educators are helping to keep music at the forefront of students' lives - something we should all be proud of!

The new Reserve reeds got rave reviews in Texas. Check out what Chris Allen, Band Director at The Woodlands HS had to say about them...

Chris Allen on Rico...

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