Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tim Price Blogging for D'Addario Woodwinds- Teaching.

The best thing about teaching or learning how to play music is the balance between technical information and whatever your heart and soul feels. Hopefully the technical information is only the vehicle for what you're really trying to do. I want my students to stay focused through the ups and downs, and to trust in what they believe in. I try to reinforce that they should learn as much as they can and be as versatile as possible, because the competition is very high. I also tell them to respect and learn from the past as they're trying to go forward. You have to have roots, and also have really studied.Times have changed a lot, and the music industry has changed a lot, but if you're a really well-rounded player, the industry and the times can continue to change as much as they want to; you'll be fine. My personal musical passion is within the jazz idiom, be it mainstream or straight-ahead; however, being well rounded and versatile is what allows me to play a jam band gig and smoke it. The skills are always applicable. It all depends on what you know! My job is to provide the fundamental training for musicians to succeed in the world they live in. That said, the student has to work. I tell my students- you can always get more money, but you cannot always get more time, an idea that emphasizes the importance of time management, particularly for musicians. If 80 percent of life is showing up, the other 20 percent is being on time. It is no longer true that an artist is given much latitude because of his or her talent.One of the roles of a teacher is to help students gain a panoramic awareness of music, and what to work on. I try to expand my students' awareness. It's important to develop a rhythmic quality and robustness of sound that ignites the imagination of the performers and listeners, and a groove that has a transformative effect. A common pitfall is to play too busily, instead of understanding one's role within the group. I tell my students that we need to listen beyond our own performances in order to clearly hear and identify with the sound of the whole group. Thank you for reading this it is something important to me- Tim Price........

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tim Price Bloggin' For D'Addario Woodwinds- The Untold School- a school within' the universe you live in.

- For all intents and purposes,unless you experience's not on the radar screen.Going deeper educationally than just a degree or diploma.Because of that it sure can go unnoticed but in some quarters even distained by the mainstream community. After all, the street meets the music is part of the world you should strive to be a part of. Things could lean to experimental and the unorthodox or even home-grown. I noticed this as a student back in 1969, at Berklee when it was called Berklee School before even Berklee college. As I got older, and experienced_road bands_on a day to day level, I started to be grateful for this school. This UNTOLD SCHOOL....goes further into the70's and 80's in a thriving musical community that only exists these days among those of us that paid the dues to be part of it. ....Maybe you could call it a working educational brotherhood? Networking for forward motion and being into it for the sake of music- on it's own terms. I felt this as I started todo rehearsal bands at Berklee with pros that were way over my level as a 18 year old student. Players like Jimmy Mosher,Hal Grossman, Gary Anderson, Joe Viola, Charlie Mariano,John LaPorta, Andy McGhee,Major Holley, Alan Dawson, Dean Earl, John Neves, Alex Elin, Lennie Johnson and more gave many of us a real world walking talking example of how to become your own man. Have a commitment in music that feeds off your passion. This knowledge, much of which was based on personal experience not found in book, gave us a renewed spirit and confidence in the days ahead. Sure, some things could be sad and heart wrenching, but at the same time refreshing to know that we all can survive in music and live to tell the good news. WHY? Because it was about the music- on it's own terms. Think about it....more to come in future blogs on this. ....WANT SOME STUFF TO SHED. . LOOK HERE ; I practice everyday, and I practice for at least 2 hours before I do anything. I do it because it's the one thing in life that has been a constant for me. So few things in life ever remain the same, if any. But the saxophone < and my woodwinds > is the same every day.To me, it's the best ever deal you can make in life. If you work hard and practice at your saxophone , you get better. It's that simple! Think about it. Still grateful to be playing and learning. Looking forward to each gig and rehearsal and student, trying to stay in that vibe. And learn what I can from it. All human beings are linked together through the timeless, universal chain of history and events.The musician links to the practice room and the bandstand. Various life developments have been born in both environs. ~ The first stage of the artistic process involves absorption of principles and techniques that have already been accepted as standard in the field , the artist personalizes past and contemporary styles, meaning active participation in real world. This is why, I've always felt the need to play with all kinds of musicians, any age and of course working heavily with students to develop their "real world" skills. So- till next week - practice hard and eat more vegetables and fruit. Don't forget to do something nice for somebody too, remember compassion is essential with each other. Here's some things to work on also ; STUFF TO SHED FROM TIM PRICE.... Check it out and enjoy.... also- for some more ideas....check through these ; want some ideas on ii-v's...look here; If your looking for a nice warm up / sax sound study-look here; for info on tune study; look here; reed info, look here; sax players food for thought:look here; A nice jazz line using II-V. And a I-VI-II-V...of course If you check my web page- you'll find some intervallic studys on II- V. For those interested in some Bird & bop to shed...check out; THANK YOU. Tim Price

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tim Price Bloggin' For D'Addario Woodwinds- Mindi Abair " Wild Heart" CD review.

....For her newest musical pursuit, Mindi goes headlong into vintage rock and soul territory, harkening back to the days when saxophone was an integral part of the musical landscape, with her newest recording, Wild Heart. She was kind enough to give me a copy of this amaz9ing CD when we finally got a chance to meet at her CD release party at Berks Jazz Festival. Which is my home town turf. What a soulful complete human being which extends through her playing as well.I loved her sound live, the conviction and depth she played with- and to me this new CD is spot on as far as something I knew she had inside her. In hearing her- I could always tell she told a story on her saxophone when she played. Mindi Abair is a modern day storyteller, she starts to tell you her tale, as she tells you , you note all of the themes are there – This is a master at work, the melody is always perceivable yet very deep with soul and great saxophone playing. Ladies and gentleman this is a master.She's lived it and it is coming out of her horn. Beautiful thing indeed. ............. Her new solo album will features guests like Booker T, Greg Allman, Joe Perry, Keb Mo and Waddy Wachtel to name a few. This is one super outstanding recording,everything is first class! The atmosphere-vibe is great and special guests are playing off the hook great and simply awesome,and fantastic. In short- I LOVE IT. This girl not only rocks and kicks ass-but she brings the listener into her travels as well.To be honest- THIS IS WHAT MUSIC NEEDS THESE DAYS. She has brought it! Without a doubt- one of the very best and most rewarding CD's I've heard in the last few years.When you hear this new recording by Mindi Abair you know that you've witnessed one of the bona fide highlights in your life. ...I'll tell you what I always dug about this young lady- she's for real- and you can hear that grit, soul and rocking saxophone sound in her music.She has a hauntingly beautiful sound, with enchanting depth of feeling and passion. She comes to play-and that is so obvious. I find her truly amazing.I'm so glad I finally got to meet her,both of us being D'Addario artists as well. Glad to have heard this CD and express how I feel about it as well.DO NOT hesitate to buy this Cd. Till next week- keep on your path - Tim Price.