Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tim Price Bloggin' For D'Addario Woodwinds- Mindi Abair " Wild Heart" CD review.

....For her newest musical pursuit, Mindi goes headlong into vintage rock and soul territory, harkening back to the days when saxophone was an integral part of the musical landscape, with her newest recording, Wild Heart. She was kind enough to give me a copy of this amaz9ing CD when we finally got a chance to meet at her CD release party at Berks Jazz Festival. Which is my home town turf. What a soulful complete human being which extends through her playing as well.I loved her sound live, the conviction and depth she played with- and to me this new CD is spot on as far as something I knew she had inside her. In hearing her- I could always tell she told a story on her saxophone when she played. Mindi Abair is a modern day storyteller, she starts to tell you her tale, as she tells you , you note all of the themes are there – This is a master at work, the melody is always perceivable yet very deep with soul and great saxophone playing. Ladies and gentleman this is a master.She's lived it and it is coming out of her horn. Beautiful thing indeed. ............. Her new solo album will features guests like Booker T, Greg Allman, Joe Perry, Keb Mo and Waddy Wachtel to name a few. This is one super outstanding recording,everything is first class! The atmosphere-vibe is great and special guests are playing off the hook great and simply awesome,and fantastic. In short- I LOVE IT. This girl not only rocks and kicks ass-but she brings the listener into her travels as well.To be honest- THIS IS WHAT MUSIC NEEDS THESE DAYS. She has brought it! Without a doubt- one of the very best and most rewarding CD's I've heard in the last few years.When you hear this new recording by Mindi Abair you know that you've witnessed one of the bona fide highlights in your life. ...I'll tell you what I always dug about this young lady- she's for real- and you can hear that grit, soul and rocking saxophone sound in her music.She has a hauntingly beautiful sound, with enchanting depth of feeling and passion. She comes to play-and that is so obvious. I find her truly amazing.I'm so glad I finally got to meet her,both of us being D'Addario artists as well. Glad to have heard this CD and express how I feel about it as well.DO NOT hesitate to buy this Cd. Till next week- keep on your path - Tim Price.

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