Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tim Price Blogging for D'Addario Woodwinds- Teaching.

The best thing about teaching or learning how to play music is the balance between technical information and whatever your heart and soul feels. Hopefully the technical information is only the vehicle for what you're really trying to do. I want my students to stay focused through the ups and downs, and to trust in what they believe in. I try to reinforce that they should learn as much as they can and be as versatile as possible, because the competition is very high. I also tell them to respect and learn from the past as they're trying to go forward. You have to have roots, and also have really studied.Times have changed a lot, and the music industry has changed a lot, but if you're a really well-rounded player, the industry and the times can continue to change as much as they want to; you'll be fine. My personal musical passion is within the jazz idiom, be it mainstream or straight-ahead; however, being well rounded and versatile is what allows me to play a jam band gig and smoke it. The skills are always applicable. It all depends on what you know! My job is to provide the fundamental training for musicians to succeed in the world they live in. That said, the student has to work. I tell my students- you can always get more money, but you cannot always get more time, an idea that emphasizes the importance of time management, particularly for musicians. If 80 percent of life is showing up, the other 20 percent is being on time. It is no longer true that an artist is given much latitude because of his or her talent.One of the roles of a teacher is to help students gain a panoramic awareness of music, and what to work on. I try to expand my students' awareness. It's important to develop a rhythmic quality and robustness of sound that ignites the imagination of the performers and listeners, and a groove that has a transformative effect. A common pitfall is to play too busily, instead of understanding one's role within the group. I tell my students that we need to listen beyond our own performances in order to clearly hear and identify with the sound of the whole group. Thank you for reading this it is something important to me- Tim Price........

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