Thursday, September 24, 2015

Tim Price Bloggin' For D'Addario Woodwinds - TRANE

~~COLTRANE.....Velocity and hard work. < Coltrane Substitutions ~~ My Coltrane inspiration is HOW he did what he did, the pursuit of being inspired from the WHAT AND HOW of the knowledge, as well as the velocity of his genius. The man was one of the hardest workers.Check his six-box Prestige collection, in only a year and a half--the first session being in May 1957, the last in December 1958, he recorded ALL those recordings while touring and playing gigs. Coltrane chord substitutions of a basic ii-V-I with movement in major thirds creating an augmented triad. This is also know as "Coltrane Changes," etc. I'll post one of my favorites at the end here as well. Coltrane first introduced this on Blue Train on tunes such as Moment's Notice and Lazy Bird, and later on took things further on Giant Steps.The B section from _Have You Met Miss Jones_ served as inspiration for Coltrane because of the major 3rd modulation from D to Gb to Bb. Coltrane Substitution: 1) Here is a normal ii-V-I in C major: | ii | V | I || | dmin7 | G7 | Cmaj7 || 2) Now with the Major 3rds Cycle: | ii V** | I* V** | I* V** | I* | | dmin7 Eb7 | Abmaj7 B7 | Emaj7 G7 | Cmaj7 | This cycle has been used in many re-harmonization, far to many to even list! Here are some of the most accessible- and also the sky is the limit. With some creative ears and imagination they work in rock and pop too. Standard ; Dmin7- G7- CMaj7 Trane sub ; Dmin Eb7 Ab B7 E G7 C Standard ;Fmin7- Bb7- EbMaj7 Trane Sub ;Fmin F#7 B D7 G Bb7 Eb Simile rest of page. Abmin7- Db7- GbMaj7 Abmin A7 D F7 Bb Db7 Gb Bmin7- E7- AMaj7 Bmin C7 F Ab7 Db E7 A Gmin7- C7- FMaj7 Gmin Ab7 Db E7 A C7 F Bbmin7- Eb7- AbMaj7 Bbmin B7 E G7 C Eb7 Ab C#min7- F#7- BMaj7 C#min D7 G Bb7 Eb F# B Emin7- A7- DMaj7 Emin F7 Bb Db7 Gb A7 D Cmin7- F7- BbMaj7 Cmin Db7 Gb A7 D F7 Bb Emin7- Ab7- DbMaj7 Ebmin E7 A C7 F Ab7 Db F#min7- B7- EMaj7 F#min G7 C Eb7 Ab B7 E Amin7- D7- GMaj7 Amin Bb7 Eb F#7 B D7 G So much is common sense and knowing theory- Look at the cycle above- it is the cycle of 4ths,the triangle connects the tones that are a major 3rd apart. So, you can rotate the triangle and figure out all the possibilities for the major 3rds cycle. Some food for thought in the midst of Coltrane's birthday...and thank you. Don't forget to listen to COLTRANE PLAYS THE BLUES....It's that important to all you do...Till next time....Tim Price

Monday, September 21, 2015

Tim Price Bloggin' For D'Addario Woodwinds- - PIANO...for saxophonists.Part 2! ( & instrumentalists that play jazz.)

...Back on Friday, August 30, 2013 for D'Addario Woodwinds...I published ; Tim Price Bloggin' For Rico Reeds- PIANO...for saxophonists. ( and instrumentalists that play jazz.) Found here ; can never be enough attention given to how a saxophonist, or improvising player hears and reacts to chord changes.A big help of course is piano skills. Learing the basics of chords, voicing and the things you need to become more involved. With that said, here is PART 2 of this particular series. Go slow and listen- results will happen as you do. Thank you- - Tim Price

Friday, September 18, 2015

Tim Price Bloggin' For D'Addario Woodwinds - LUNCH FOR YOUR EARS....Listen & learn.

....OK...I'm going to add some listening to my blogs- We are getting to far removed from knowing and appreciation of the artists that DESERVE to be heard, studied and internalized. Jazz is NOT a popularity contest, It's a art form. Here are some amazing projects, that you need to check out- and know about. Listen and learn...Enjoy. Listen to the cut I suggest, try to find the album- but also study ALL the players on the recording- Listen....and learn. Jimmy Smith - See See Rider .... Monk - Green chimneys.... Monk - Skippy... Monk - At The Blackhawk (Complete Album)..... Hawkins "Saxophone Section" 1958 STEREO FULL ALBUM Frank Wess..... Hamilton "Ellington Suite" 1959 West Coast Jazz FULL ALBUM Buddy Collette ...... Mariano & Jerry Dodgian "Beauties Of 1918" West Coast Jazz FULL ALBUM .... Lacy with Don Cherry - Evidence (Full Album) 1961 ... Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong - Ella & Louis (Full Album).... Bechet ‎– Blues In Thirds 1991 FULL ALBUM ... Young with the Oscar Peterson Trio .... .....THANK YOU.....Tim Price

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tim Price Bloggin' For D'Addario Woodwinds- Grooving on Cannonball! Happy birthday to a master of the highest.

Tim Price Bloggin' For D'Addario Woodwinds- Grooving on Cannonball! Happy birthday to a master of the highest. Happy Birthday...Cannonball. You changed my life and touched this music deeply. .....I put ALL the articulations in here...That's the only way to get to the center of this masters thing. He had things that people need to study....the phraseology of the music. Proof reading this was a labor of love. ...This sais a my props to a Berklee teacher Lennie Johnson ( rip) who urged me to do this in 1970...and said it would help me get deeper into a concept- and to apply to the tenor sax too.God bless you Lennie Johnson- you did me a huge life favor.......This is part of a 4 page article with Nat Adderley and I...Nat was not only a friend but someone who was a huge influence on my composing. I can;t put the entire article in- I need book sales as the publisher does not advertise these books. I got to sit in with Cannon a few times...and he was like a guru to me. It felt like a hurricane or some force of nature being near him as he played- the lesson of my life. As Stan Getz said- you don't get better playing with your friends- you need to play with cats better than you. Cannon was one of a kind. He was cool too- he invited me up to play. I wish he was alive to see this book...he would of appreciated it. I loved his playing and have 3 more volumes I'm trying to publish. Some day I will because the music deserves it...that's what it's about for me. Anything else is just that....THE BLUES TELLS THE TRUTH...and the truth is in the blues. Check the notation...every note I had here was articulated. That's vital to the language. — at Buy my book if you dig these...we need the sales.....CANNONBALL LIVES....Tim Price

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Tim Price Bloggin' For D'Addario Woodwinds- SOUL SESSION...Junior Walker. Listen & learn.

..........This is something you need to know about if your going to be looking to work in the soul, funk, pop or blues areas of music. Essential listening....not to mention great saxophone playing.One of the greatest Junior records- this was the working " All Stars" pre-Motown. Note the cover-no make up artists, no hair or clothing styles or religious mumbo-jumbo. The point with these guys- THE MUSIC. That stands the time test. ....Junior Walker & the All-Stars waxed prior to Motown on Harvey Fuqua's Harvey label. The original line up consisted of Jr. Walker, Willie Woods (bass), Vic Thomas (organ), and Billy Nix (drums). Motown session players' don't play behind Jr. on these tracks like they do on his Motown recordings. Motown rarely used the All-Stars in the studio. And no vocals. Sorry! Junior didn't display his vocal prowess until "Shotgun." "Brainwasher" the groups' second Harvey single is an upbeat groove driven by Walker's tenor and Thomas' impressive organ, Junior excitedly shouts "wind it up" near the end. Jock's flipped it, however, for the seductive "Cleo's Mood." "Good Rockin'" their third and final Harvey single is aggressive, roadhouse R&B. Motown omitted their Harvey debut "Twist Lackawanna" but stuck it on another album. Soul Session's loaded with tight grooves composed mostly by Walker, with some collaboration with Willie Woods. Vic Thomas contributed "Hewbie Steps Out" and Fuqua provides "Three Four Three," and "Decidedly.".....LISTEN TO IT HERE ;