Sunday, September 6, 2015

Tim Price Bloggin' For D'Addario Woodwinds- SOUL SESSION...Junior Walker. Listen & learn.

..........This is something you need to know about if your going to be looking to work in the soul, funk, pop or blues areas of music. Essential listening....not to mention great saxophone playing.One of the greatest Junior records- this was the working " All Stars" pre-Motown. Note the cover-no make up artists, no hair or clothing styles or religious mumbo-jumbo. The point with these guys- THE MUSIC. That stands the time test. ....Junior Walker & the All-Stars waxed prior to Motown on Harvey Fuqua's Harvey label. The original line up consisted of Jr. Walker, Willie Woods (bass), Vic Thomas (organ), and Billy Nix (drums). Motown session players' don't play behind Jr. on these tracks like they do on his Motown recordings. Motown rarely used the All-Stars in the studio. And no vocals. Sorry! Junior didn't display his vocal prowess until "Shotgun." "Brainwasher" the groups' second Harvey single is an upbeat groove driven by Walker's tenor and Thomas' impressive organ, Junior excitedly shouts "wind it up" near the end. Jock's flipped it, however, for the seductive "Cleo's Mood." "Good Rockin'" their third and final Harvey single is aggressive, roadhouse R&B. Motown omitted their Harvey debut "Twist Lackawanna" but stuck it on another album. Soul Session's loaded with tight grooves composed mostly by Walker, with some collaboration with Willie Woods. Vic Thomas contributed "Hewbie Steps Out" and Fuqua provides "Three Four Three," and "Decidedly.".....LISTEN TO IT HERE ;


  1. Even my dad liked this record! I wore the groves out on this one