Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Reserve - a huge fan!

Of course, I work for D'Addario - Rico!

But when being on a stage (I was trained as classical clarinetist in Paris and still perform as solo, chamber music and orchestra player), just the quality of my set-up is important.

I play the Reserve reed for Bb clarinet because I like this dark and deep sound but also the large scope of musical colors I get.

I am currently preparing several concerts with the Mozart Concerto. And Reserve is the reed I will play. It sounds as I like, I feel comfortable and therefore can express myself "ad libitum".

FYI - my set-up is Signature Selmer clarinet / Lomax mouthpiece / Reserve #3.5+ Check out the video of Romain Guyot talking about his equipment:

Just try it and let me know. Thanks.


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