Monday, April 6, 2009

The Changing Seasons and Reeds

As we approach summer it is important to remember how the seasons and humidity affect our reeds.

Depending on your specific location summer can mean many different things in relation to reeds and RH (Relative Humidity). But, the most important point to remember is that the less change that happens to the reed, the better!

In other words, when the reed is not in use it is best to have it stored in a humidity-controlled case. The new Rico Reed case is ideal for keeping the reeds in a constant state of humidification. What this means to players is that the reeds will not be as prone to warpage on the table and at the tip. 

When you wet the reed and get those wavy tips, it can be due to the reed drying out un-evenly. This not only makes it take longer to warm-up the reed, but it also decreases the longevity or life of the reed as it is going through more changes.

The Rico Reedvitalizer system utilizes a Two-Way humidity control system that can both add moisture to the reed or take moisture out of the reed if it is too wet.  

The system comes in three different RH levels:
58% - Stable, long-term storage
73% - Requires minimal wetting
84% - Ready to play

In my next installment, we will explore how different people use the different Humidity levels for the break-in process... Stay Tuned..... 

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