Monday, September 5, 2011

Tim Price Bloggin' For Rico Reeds- Albert Ayler

In 1969 Albert Ayler said, "Music Is the Healing Force of the Universe."

As the fall approaches us, in this beautiful September,that quote rings so true. The healing force. But how many have heard it? How many have taken the time to adjust their lives and realize what Albert was saying back then in 1969? Everyone brings to the table what they have to put on the table, others come to eat, others come to just smell the food.In this lifetime...I'm here for the music. I've seen the results.

To me Ayler's communication of a feeling is so much a part of art's deep value,that knowledge through the emotions.That is what is missing today. It just can't be taught! This essential aspect involving the heart and soul is another level. Almost beyond words! But for Ayler, words were not important because when Albert Ayler played he spoke to you. I heard his voice, and it was a different than the profound texture in his playing.

He was a transcendent master of fusing spirituality with music and a modern spiritual guide to present day music. He takes kind, gentle, hummable melodies and stretches them, he created a beautiful unique sounds that you'll never hear anywhere else.

There is a composition, " For John Coltrane"
(played by alto and strings only)
In which Albert plays only alto sax, with a string section.
It should be on > Albert Ayler in Greenwich Village.
It was done February 26, 1967, The Village Theatre, New York.
The strings are, if memory serves;
Joel Freedman (cello)
William Folwell (bass)
Alan Silva (bass)
That writing was exceptional and proved to me the genius that
Ayler had within him. Michel Sampson was on violin on many Ayler dates and within Silva and Richard Davis, there was a HEAVY string overtone.

I'm still trying to find this recording
La Saga Heroique d'Albert Ayler
( on- Pathe (France) 2C.154-92337 )
I'd LOVE to get that music.
If anyone can get me a copy PLEASE do so. It's a French label.

I don't hear anybody REALLY steppin out like this.

The art form -
Albert addressed that.

His trio work on "Spiritual Unity" is something everyone should have, and listen to as much as possible.It's part of the free jazz canon by now,if you haven't, I can't recommend it enough.I say it's uplifting, the first listen might be shocking but hang in there, you'll never be the same. Ayler was supported and admired by many of his contemporaries, including 'Trane on through present day masters such as Jan Garbarek and thousands of others.

Albert Ayler - Ghosts

albert ayler - new grass - heart love

Search for more Albert Ayler on you tube- and enjoy him.

Remember, "Music Is the Healing Force of the Universe."

Being a complete musician goes well beyond the notes- I learned that from listening to the music of Albert Ayler.

Keep positive and in the zone- Tim Price

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