Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tim Price Bloggin' For Rico- Tim Price solo transcription by Brian Falkokski

Here's an MP3 from the Tim Price audio page at my web sight. From Long Island NY jam session 'bout 1986 or so. In any case, I felt good that day & the music was fun & loose. ( As it should be!)

Big thanks and kudos to Brian Falkowski for transcribing this solo on " Softly As A Morning Sunrise"- HE DID A GREAT JOB! The transcription is here as well.

I got a real laugh out of his Email telling me he was only 2 when I did this. He said he's off to take it thru 12 keys so I'm excited about that. ( He was 2!!! LOL )

Hope you guys really enjoy it.

For the tech minds out there; I was using a Lawton 10star-bb mouthpiece and Rico brown box #5 reeds. Remember those great reeds??! Enjoy!

Solo is here;

I could of played better/more so I felt good but you always feel like there's things that_SHOULD OF_and could of been better....Though I felt good about where this went.

Hope you enjoy it.

Thanks to Brian Falkowski too....GREAT TRANSCRIPTION.

The attached transcriptions are here, as it was hard to load on this blog.
But I wanted to re-document these,as a source for folks to get to them for study etc.
Brian did a great job, and, it's a solo, even though years ago, I can live with.



~ Tim Price

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