Monday, August 20, 2012

Tim Price Bloggin' For Rico- Nobody is entitled anything! ( and some lunch for your ears! )

Nobody is entitled anything, remember that, it's HARD WORK to make a living as a musician. You must embrace the music with the pursuit of excellence.You earn it every cent you make. You'll get there by experience, and we all pay dues. These are things only time and a two thousand stupid gigs will teach you , or teaching a few days of fourth grade students for a few years. Don't complain-learn from every situation you find yourself in. We're only human- accept criticism without taking it personally. If you have an open mind, you'll learn and grow. You will never know all there is to know,always will be something new to learn.
Before anything, you must love what you do. As Charles Bukowski said," You gotta have the guts." Do what you do and do it to the absolute best of your ability. Bukowski also said, " It’s no good quitting, there is always the smallest bit of light in the darkest of hells." This life can be a roller coaster. Sometimes you will make money,maybe great money. Often very little money and will struggle to get by. A strong work ethic is needed, as well as a strength of will.You also will have to be prepared when opportunity appears. Again- HARD WORK.The ethos behind lateral action is creativity coupled with productivity as the route for success, which also means creatively looking at our productivity. Perhaps sitting and squeezing out every drop of inspiration by sheer force isn’t the best way to get results.Like any productive creative process it’s all about balance and finding a way. Music is a beautiful thing, something very important to life and all within. But just like anything else, nobody gives you something for nothing.You have to understand that luck is where your lifelong preparation will join the opportunity. Know this is a beautiful thing music, but it's also a business.Hang in there-it's no good quitting and your not entitled, but you have a vision in mind. Don't cheat yourself out of something you love. HERE'S A LESSON ALSO- Replace the youtube videos you watch on youtube with classic jazz recordings- why not check out some Coltrane records...such as ;Complete Savoy Sessions John Coltrane, Wilbur Harden.Check out- Stan Getz....... "The Complete Roost Recordings". Stan Getz...." Focus" Stan Getz...." Sweet Rain" Stan Getz...." People Time" Stan Getz.... " West Coast Jazz" ..a box set but essential music. Stan Getz..." At THe Opera House" Stan Getz....." Meets Mulligan " Wayne Shorter...Any of the c/d's on VeeJay...those are early WAyne. " Adams Apple ". I like ALL of those BlueNotes.
Dexter Gordon " One Flight Up " Dexter PLays Hot And Cool " " GO ! "
- Also find the one where its a re-issue with Dex and Wardell Grey----those are vital. If you play tenor and don't have those its a crime . Art Pepper " Art Pepper meets the rhythm section" " Art Pepper PLus 11 " " Smack Up " " The Trip " " Art Pepper meets WArne Marsh " And- those with George Cables...those are the highest level duets I ever heard...I also dig Art on tenor .Listen to the the recording on Contemporary called.." No Limit"...On " Mambo De La Pinta" - Art just creates one of the best TENOR solos I ever heard. Fresh , great lines,he starts from zero and just lays it out. His tenor playing influenced me a lot- Also on #4 of " Live At The Village Vanguard"....He plays " These Foolish THings,,,on tenor,,,and its total art !!! Plus I was there that night and dug it live-and I had tears in my eyes when he was done. I never heard someone take a ballad to THAT level.Also on that recording- Art plays fantastic clarinet on " More For Less" A unsung master of jazz clarinet . Ok heres the easy part. BEN WEBSTER ! Get everything you can get.His type will NEVER pass our way again. I love Ben Webster.Just go to your fav shop and grab the entire Ben bin !
Check these artists out as well- How about Tina Brooks,Sal Nistico,Tab Smith,Charlie Mariano,Brew Moore,Charlie Rouse,Monk, PeeWee Russell,Oliver Nelson,Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Sonny Chris,Illinois Jacquet,Bud Freeman,Kenny Davern,Johnny Griffin,Johnny Hodges-Anything by any of those guys sends me sailing.Plus it is a great education and lunch for your ears n' brain.What about Jimmy Forrest,Joe Farrell, Harold Ashby,Harold Land,Buddy DeFranco,Jimmy Hamilton.What about Budd Johnson ? Eddie Barefield, not to forget -Albert Ayler,Ornette,Jimmy Lyons,Ken McIntyre,DOLPHY,Archie Shepp,Marion Brown ,Bert Wilson,Jim Pepper,Sonny Simmons-ya know ?!
Check THAT out! Till next week- enjoy the beautiful weather and see you next week. ~ Tim Price

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  1. Tim:

    Great stuff as usual. I was going to suggest Art Pepper's clarinet but you mentioned that near the end.

    Also Zoot Sims and Al Cohn. Then there's Sonny Stitt on both alto and tenor, not to mention Bird.

    I love that you mentioned Ben Webster, I really dug his playing. There are some You Tubes of Ben and also some good ones of Dexter.

    Well keep it coming Tim.