Monday, September 10, 2012

Tim Price Bloggin' For Rico- Music is the healing force.

“My music is the thing that keeps me alive now. I must play music that is beyond this world. If I can just hum my tunes and live like, say, Monk does, live a complete life like that, just humming tunes, writing tunes and being away from everything-if I could do this, it would just carry me back to where I came from. That’s all I’m asking for in life and I don’t think you can ask for more than just to be alone and create from what God gives you. Because, you know, I’m getting my lessons from God. I’ve been through all the other things and so I’m trying to find more and more peace all the time.” Albert Ayler As the fall approaches us, in this beautiful September,that quote rings so true. The healing force. But how many have heard it? How many have taken the time to adjust their lives and realize what Albert was saying back then in 1969? Everyone brings to the table what they have to put on the table, others come to eat, others come to just smell the food.In this lifetime...I'm here for the music. I've seen the results. To me Ayler's communication of a feeling is so much a part of art's deep value,that knowledge through the emotions.That is what is missing today. It just can't be taught! This essential aspect involving the heart and soul is another level. Almost beyond words! But for Ayler, words were not important because when Albert Ayler played he spoke to you. I heard his voice, and it was a different than the profound texture in his playing. He was a transcendent master of fusing spirituality with music and a modern spiritual guide to present day music. He takes kind, gentle, hummable melodies and stretches them, he created a beautiful unique sounds that you'll never hear anywhere else.
In Heart Only ...that's what music HAS to be. Albert was right again. No matter what you do, study on your own, learn from records and go to a school. Whatever- if your gonna play for more people than the four walls- In Heart Only. Check- Him here-Albert Ayler - Nuits De La Fondation Maeght 1970 - 01 - In Heart only/
~ ~ ON FRIDAY IN NYC.....I Caught _OREGON_ at Birdland with two great bros- long time friends John C and Rob P.....The band was off the hook inspiring. This might of been the 40th time or so I caught the band....I saw them with Colin Walcott too, in the day- but this version is soooooo beyond words...and more thru the years.....this night was inspirational. Like being there, and hearing something like Trane. THAT the spirit....Paul McCandless is a spirit / he is a modern day master .To add to the intensity Richard Stoltzman was in the house loving it too. I used to listen to TASHI ( Richards band then ) the 70's at the Guggenheim with Stoltzman and hear OREGON live a few days later.Music like this IS the thing that makes You got to be there-hear these bands that are real working bands live. SUPPORT, Dig? .My journey is my journey but as I sat there,in the 9th ave. diner after going to some sessions & watching the daylight hit 9th Ave.... A few years ago Steve Grossman played NYC & the music was THERE. Ditto.. OREGON...and when I caught Charlie Haden Quartet West with Alan Broadbent & Ernie Watts...Plus guys like George Coleman & Lou Donaldson and so on...There's so much happens live. JOY! These artists are one of a kind. They play with such that is really so fulfilling that you never forget it.
~ I like to say- as we hear, so we become. Music is the healing force! Tim Price

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