Monday, November 12, 2012

Tim Price Bloggin' For Rico- Music, forward motion. Thank god for Charlie Mariano.

I better mind set,in a way.This ain't easy out here. I've been REAL lucky to have the friends I do.BUT , our sanctuary. Our inner spot to focus and grow and Playing/loving music is a special thing.I do not watch a lot of TV. I kinda never did...lived 4 years in Boston and never had a TV.I think , to be positive is my sanity factor.But that IS just me. You know the tune Prez played.." Just you , Just Me". Ever think how boring life could be WITHOUT music.- How many people off the street can you talk to about jazz? a special thing.Hope those of you who know , got my points
HERE ARE SOME THINGS TO PRACTICE....GO SLOW AND STUDY THEM. For Ear Training via chords; check out: And if you missed " part 1" ;
Today, November 12th, would have been Charlie Mariano 89th birthday. Thank god for Charlie Mariano. He touched us all deeply, was a friend and a player of the highest level.His book published thru Advance Music..."An Introduction To South Indian Music" by Charlie Mariano is excellent.A must have for the open minded.I was very lucky to study with him as a teenager at Berklee, he changed my life and music. Charlie was a beautiful human being and a timeless soul. Till next week....forward motion. Always! ~ Tim Price

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