Wednesday, January 2, 2013

HAPPY 2013.....From Bloggin' For Rico Reeds....From Tim Price

HAPPY 2013.....From Bloggin' For Rico Reeds....From Tim Price
~ We all commit to starting over once the New Year rolls around. It is entirely possible we ate too much, did not exercise enough or spent way too much money in 2012. Once the calendar year ends on the 31st of December though we have a clean slate, that fresh start and brighter future is known as 2013. I've covered all kinds of topics in my RICO BLOGS...from the reeds to Leroy " Hog " Cooper, things to shed and even things to cook. But the main thing I wish you all is artistic and personal peace of mind. That is paramount to your survival.
MY BLOG...Is a few days late. A first for me, as I usually hit the blog on a Monday. But I unplugged my computer and turned off the TV and just lived in that lane with my wife,and family since Saturday. I see all kinds of people going wild texting everywhere from driving to the street to even the bathrooms. LOL!! My question is...why? It can all wait- and check out what your missing? These last few mind is clear- I feel great and as I return to the "net", Facebook and all those fun's SOS going. Good, bad and the ugly- haha.
~ You need motivation to exist today. You need to practice to. But motivation is a driving force. In order to accomplish anything, you need a driving force, otherwise nothing will happen. A wish is not strong enough to make you take action. A wish is a weak desire. Only a strong desire can drive forward, to act and accomplish aims and goals.In order to get motivated, you need to know exactly what it is that you want, to possess a strong desire, and to be willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish your goal.More than often there is lack of motivation, or only a short-lived one. How many times have you started enthusiastically a weight loss program, began a bodybuilding or aerobics training program, or started learning a foreign language, only to stop after a short while?It easier to show motivation in connection with a subject that is dear to you. If you desire something, but you don't feel motivated enough to act, this means that the desire is not important enough. To be motivated to take action and do something in respect to your desire, you need to possess a really strong desire.Motivation has much to do with the emotions and the imagination, which means that if you want to increase it, you have to work on your feelings and imagination.
~ Just some random thoughts as we enter this year 2013. Let's all motivate and inspire each other. Remember- Style dignity grace.Great virtues, attributes, divine qualities,To be and do what you came here for. Aim high.Use this as fuel,gratitude appreciation blessing celebration validation. Happy New Year to all of you.
~ Have a great week- till next week- Tim Price

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