Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tim Price Bloggin' For Rico Reeds- Start thinking outside of the box.

Time to shift your thinking from limited, lacking, being trapped and career less to being in control so you can create from wherever you are with whatever you have now. If the box is your life, exactly as it is, start there. Instead of looking outside yourself to find what you need to create from, start by looking inside your life first and discover what’s available to you immediately.But this shift in thinking isn’t just for musicians, it’s for everyone. Decide what you want to create,begin creating from today whether it’s a new career, a song, education,or something completely intangible like change or peace or calm or gratitude. REMOVE the gatekeepers, restrictions, and limited thinking. Whatever ingredients you have to create with and whatever it is you want to create from those ingredients is up to you, open your mind up to your current resources, however meager or mega, be motivated by others and complete that creation. LEAVE the judgments, criticisms, comparisons and complaints at the door. It’s not about how good or great or perfect or big or small or serious the project is to anyone but the creator. There are plenty of other avenues to have a creation criticized and tons of people who will be happy to compare it and complain about it or give it their thumbs up or down once it has been created. Build it and they will come—and judge the hell out of you and your creation! SO WHAT!! GET MOTIVATED AND STAY MOTIVATED... to start creating. I keep my “in the trenches” mind set...in order to just cross barriers, inspiration, motivation and accountability are up to you. In a word- DO IT. What's stopping you? Instead of shutting down, giving up, calling it quits, create from everything that comes your way everyday! Lost your confidence? Create from it.Things didn’t go as planned? Create from it.Upset with someone who is a schmuck ? Create from it.Disappointed in your gigs? Create from it.No matter where you are or what you have or how you feel or when you think it will change—create from it all! Create from the dark, the light and everything in between. Sometimes it’s easy for your focus to get thin you’re only expanding in one area, in one musical direction. What if you take a moment to consider all aspects of your quest? Playing anywhere-anytime.To get paid too. Look it’s time to shift and find balance. Focus and reflect and take stock of what area needs some attention in order to grow and give it. Expand in all areas in all directions. Why not?!! Create from the expansion. DECLARE YOUR DREAM to motivate yourself and motivate others. Keep on it- and listen to some great music this week. ...As my man Charles Bukowski said- Some people never go crazy, What truly horrible lives they must live. Practice, study, ask questions and remember....all the answers are on records. See you soon- Tim Price ........................................................

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