Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tim Price Bloggin' For Rico Reeds- Erin McDougald New York City- July 6th- Go hear her !

- - ~ ~ My talented and beautiful friend Erin McDougald is one of the most talented jazz singers today.She is performing a show in NYC on Saturday July 6 at 9:30pm. If you're in NyC..go! Go to it- be there.This lady has a voice and a command of the music that is beyond words.She is totally INCREDIBLE.As great as it gets and more. Get my drift? I'll go further- Her talent, conception, command of the music, no BS vibe she means business, song choice and pitch. This Chi town jazz lady is ultra-stylish, confident and striking both vocally and personally.In hearing her music, and watching her on you tube Erin McDougald manages to capture and so completely dominate the stage that one hardly cares which tunes she is doing,or how. As I said- Erin got bandstand command.Thus adding even more interest and variety to the inherently intriguing entity that is Erin McDougald. NOW- Please do this...GO buy tickets ASAP... link is attached.... Also- check out - -! got to hear her and HEAR why. Her agenda is deep- she's spent time honing and shaping her "craft" and what it means. I'm impressed by her commitment but also her hard work. To sing like this is an art form. You don't just wake up and it's there. I've worked with many singers in my life from Astrud Gilberto,ARETHA,Ester Phillips, Chris Conner, Helen Forrest and Al Hibbler. To name a few, I know of what I speak on her talents and abilities. This is the real deal right in your face now. - - MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS NOW ON LINE. The music needs this voice worldwide.No jazz singer has swung harder or scatted with more infectious enthusiasm than Erin McDougald in this era.She has a deep original energy, and creates a driving groove in any tempo or idiom. Her vocal style can't be beat. Every song she sings is forever more her own, beautiful and moving. You can just feel the magic of the moment she is describing.Hearing her voice always makes me smile. Bottom line, hear her July 6th in NYC. - - - Tim Price

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