Tuesday, July 23, 2013

- Tim Price Bloggin' For Rico Reeds- Journeys, Listening & the abstract truth in the Jazz-A-Delic.

A nice quote from Rachel Z about Tim Price Jazz-A-Delic....." I've been thinking'.... " Jazz-a-delic is a sound that should be heard in every major jazz festival! It is unique and fun! People will L0VE it! "......Rachel Z'. Rachel Z. was..Keyboards formerly with Steps Ahead, Wayne Shorter and Peter Gabriel. As well as many gigs with me as well. Here's the press P-R on my Friday gig....For the upcoming BUILDING 24 performance, Price will showcase his Jazz-A-Delic project, featuring vibraphonist/percussionist Randy Sutin, drummer/composer/educator Sean Kennedy; and bassist Mark Amentt.The 2013 BERKS JAZZ FESTIVAL performance for Tim Price Jazz-A-Delic was >> STANDING ROOM ONLY... BOTH SHOWS.This high energy emotionally charged band is becoming a must hear for anyone who is looking for high quality music with players that have roots, experience and the right Jazz-A-Delic attitude to let you know that music is universal language.Within the band structure of jazz, world-beat, R&B and a special musical nod to the essence of jam bands, give this unit musical scope and emotional power -- not to mention the commercial appeal -- expanding the repertoire beyond labels to embrace works that redefines ethereal grooves of the 1960s. Price is a musician who lives locally but plays globally. He travels the world playing jazz and has had the good fortune to have bands of his own featuring world-class players such as Lew Tabackin, Bennie Green, Carl Allen, Ray Drummond, Rachel Z, Richie Cole, Stanton Moore, and Bill Goodwin.Price also has been a special guest with Grateful Dead member Bob Weir's RATDOG.When he is not performing or teaching, Price keeps busy writing about jazz and playing the saxophone. He has authored three books published through Hal Leonard.His also writes a weekly blog for Rico Reeds. Houston Person, Jay Migliori and Sean Kennedy, featuring Yellowjackets saxophonist Bob Mintzer, have recorded music written by Price, who also teaches at the New School University in New York City. He has been part of the jazz education department for over a decade.Dutch and contemporary sax star Candy Dulfer refers to Price as her mentor. - The Jazz-A-Delic...is a frame of mind. In a world of labels I searched for something that is open-ended. I found it.I am in themidst of a city that has a smooth jazz festival that is amazing. For over 22 years, I headlined and had my own bands here. With guests like Richie Cole, Lew Tabackin, Bobby Zankell, Chuck Zuerin, Greasy Tenor Madness, Rachel Z, Bill Goodwin and more. Those are all leaders, recording artists and major jazz voices that came...TO PLAY.The fun was in the music- people heard it-responded and I drew an audience within the smooth festival for jazz hat was different than the smooth. More straight ahead, funky, blues based with saxophone battles,and just plain fun. The Jazz-A-Delic...was an idea I got from sitting in with Jam bands like Bob Weir and Ratdog. Or gigs with Lynyrd Skynyrd. - My roots are in jazz, Blue Note records and tenor saxophone sounds.Rabid tenor freak here too. But it was time to mix the stew and jump up into the mix of competition- and it's working.The band is focused, rehearsed and loaded with inspiring sidemen like Randy Sutin- Vibes-gongs, the ever ready gifted Sean Kennedy and thebassist supreme and master of groove Mark Ammett. Music is an open sky as Mr. Rollins said-and fun. Try to come out- listen and experience this. - Listening is everything. Whatever kind of music you play...should be based on playing is reaction. To go beyond just you,and listen to what's going on around you. This brings in something greater than notes, or hip re-harms, playing in a bag or equipment etc etc. YOU SHOULD...Be reacting to everything you hear. How can you play with others if your not listening. You can't! You're supposed to be complementing and in the moment. Everything depends on your ears and listening.- Think about it. - Thanks for reading this...and being there dear readers- enjoy this crazy July and keep the music on tilt!! - Tim Price Teaching lessons is a journey, sounds from many times and places. As a teacher I try to act as a facilitator to guide the student ( of any age/level) to be comfortable playing the written and improvised music. I'm trained to listen, to observe and to customize my approach to their needs. I'm also on the IP and OP Jazz Faculty of New School University in New York City. I teach on SKYPE ; in NYC & Reading, Pa. And teach all woodwinds, as well as saxophones. Contact me at timpricejazz@aol.com

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