Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tim Price Blogging For Rico Reeds- Part 2- Piano Jazz- Chords / Voicings to study and play.

- I believe in the power and importance of study in music, and education in the grand scheme of a players development. I am passionate about piano study- young players need to make it their business. It will convey knowledge, spread ideas, and can transport you into alternate lives and worlds on the bandstand, improvising and more. It's why I'm working so hard to help people develop more and get more out of playing chords, progressions and on piano. As a jazz musician and educator, I have many jazz books and each has its merits.In these four piano study's I went for the straightforward,logical and visually interesting presentation of essential information.Much of the content of these is pertinent to any instrumentalist getting into jazz. On these tensions, voice leading are the topic of the day on II-V chords. Hope this helps. ~ Work, play and study these.This deals exclusively with how to play piano voicings---the chord technique used by Bill Evans, Barry Harris, Cedar Walton, McCoy Tyner,Horace Silver and many other jazz piano greats. Last but not least- Listen to Horace Silver. Get all his CDs, study how he wrote his tunes, listen to the connect in the sax and trumpet. You'll learn a lot. Horace is a master that you got to study. Till next week- keep practicing, eating good stuff and don't forget to play the blues on your gigs. - TIM PRICE

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