Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tim Price Bloggin' For D'Addario Woodwinds- ZOOT !

Zoot Sims was one of a group of tenor saxophonists born in the mid-1920s whose early professional experience came in big bands and who idolized Lester Young.Zoot was one of the most important tenor saxophonists in jazz ever.The basic jazz skills of most of these reedmen were developed by the time they had reached their early twenties. But their styles flowered in the bebop atmosphere in which jazz matured so dramatically following World War II.If you play tenor saxophone...you need to hear and study Zoot Sims now. Listen to everything you can get your hands on, this man was one of the wonders of the world. A real jazz tenorman. Timeless, important as anyone and never ending in creativity.Charlie Parker, who had been shaped by Young's example in his own formative period in the late 1930s, became the second great influence on this talented collection of tenor men. They melded Parker's complex harmonic discoveries with Young's sound (light, dry, sunny) and rhythm (powerful currents of swing beneath a laconic surface). In addition to Sims, some of the most accomplished members of this school of tenor saxophone were A/ Cohn, Stan Getz, Paul Quinichette, Allen Eager, Brew Moore, Herbie Steward, Bill Perkins, Bob Cooper, Richie Kamuca, Dave Van Kreidt, Bill Holman, Phil Urso, and Don Lanphere. Zoot Sims had neither a top-forty record nor mass box office appeal.He played and had something more important- HE WAS REAL.What he played night to night meant something. But almost from the beginning of his career, be had the unreserved admiration of virtually all jazz artists, whatever their generation or musical persuasion. Over the years, his following among listeners steadily grew. Musicians and aficionados alike recognized the basic human qualities of honesty and warmth that Sims projected in his playing without in any way diluting musical values or contriving to find an acceptable style. This is a player that opens the door to things in jazz that are NOT in books or learned at University's. - - Go to YOU TUBE...Listen to Zoot play..." You Go To My Head". See ya next week...Tim Price


  1. Tim: Thanks for writing about one of my absolutely favorite tenor players. Zoot was real and approachable. I talked to him briefly after he and Al Cohn did a set in Baltimore. He was walking w/his wife Louise and I didn't want to impose. A few years later I saw him do 4 sets at Charlie's in Georgetown in Wash DC. Just a Great melodic player and a real down to earth guy. You should read the stories about him in Bill Crow's Book "Jazz Anecdote's". Zoot played outfield for Jim and Andy's softball/baseball team. The stories about his ability at that position are kind of legendary. He was quite the character besides being a Great Jazz Tenor Sax player.

    1. Larry- It's always a pleasure to hear from a great player like you. I sure appreciate the words and respect. Your an asset to everything you do- I hope your doing great and swinging.....Thanks again- Tim Price

  2. Tim: Thanks for the really nice comment you are very kind. I am finishing up my Masters in Music Ed this summer. It looks like I will be borrowing a bari from school to play w/a Motown type group later this summer. John Reilly is sending me a mpc to use. I am also trying to book more Jazz gigs this summer. RIght now I am playing bass clarinet in the Wind Ensemble at school. It's a trip after playing a lot of regular clarinet in Wind Ensemble in the Navy. Take care and remember Zoot Lives!!