Monday, September 1, 2014

D'Addario Woodwinds artist Tim Price booking clinics- workshops and mini-residency's for 2014-2015

Feel free to share the info. via TIM PRICE CLINICS-WORKSHOPS with like minded college professors/ University teachers who will be interested. Contact Tim Price via I'm currently booking clinics- workshops and mini-residency's for 2014-2015 and thought I'd pass the info on here. I've got some_new_ideas and music for the performances as well as some very cool ideas to share that have a contemporary focus for the student.I continue to enliven a passion for jazz in students, and teach the vital musical building blocks using a unique methodology from over 40 years experience as a performing jazz musician and woodwind artist.Students leave my classes with a stronger understanding of the jazz language and therefore with more confidence as they participate in the music. Thank you Tim Price Also enjoy the HEADHUNTERS & Herbie Hancock sax-woodwind player Bennie Maupins quote about me; it made my decade!:) "Tim Price continues to explore and develop his deeply personal approach to music. Through the years his persistence, determination and passion has enabled him to create a stellar reputation as a multiple woodwind master, composer, producer, author and last but not least educator. Tim is one of the best musicians active today and I'm happy to say he's my friend...." -Bennie Maupin OR - JEFF COFFIN'S WORDS...About what I do ; "Tim Price has captured my imagination on many occasions with his forward thinking arrangements and wonderfully captivating playing. He is a unique musician made more unique because he has searched and found his own voice. Truly a rare find in music." ~ Jeff Coffin

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