Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tim Price Bloggin' For D'Addario Woodwinds- RIP Bobby Keys you rocked this place with class, soul & style.

RIP Bobby Keys.....RIP Bobby you rocked this place with class, soul & style. Rolling Stones Saxophonist Bobby Keys Dies at 70 SAD NEWS. http://consequenceofsound.net/2014/1...st-bobby-keys/ Wish it wasn't true.I always loved talking to him at Roberto's. To hear him play his horn in a shop, you heard this guys depth as who he was and what a personal sound he had. You could hear LIFE in that sound- and his life. You could hear he loved to play. He will be missed.All those great things he did for Sheryl Crow- overdubs. He told me.." He just did em' "...Like that. heard him with Keith once & Keith had him playing a lot- the place was on fire due to Bobby. That pan handle Texas thing he had in sound was something special.Really a shame. RIP sir...you rocked this place with class and soul. He had roots in bar bands, he also knew the history of the sax.NO BS or that airy fairy stuffthat sounded like everyone else-he played and the planet FELT It. HUGE LOSS. -Listen to him on " Can't you hear me knocking"....Nasty greasy Texas tenor. LARSEN full tilt...I always loved him, but that day he said he " just did it" ....Revering to the sax quartet over-dubs on Sheryl Crows record- the room spun. My respect for him doing that, with out charts, by ear- old school, and pro'lly in one take went up a zillion notches. I know my friend Roberto...who worked on his saxes will be torn up-Bobby was a lovable dude. Great bari player too- and alto. . Just listen to those " Sun Sessions" by Sheryl. Damn!!! RIP to a true road warrior of rock & roll and saxophone stylist.Bobby keys you rocked this place with class, soul & style.......Tim Price // D'Addario Woodwinds Blog //

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