Monday, March 30, 2015

Tim Price Bloggin' For D'Addario Woodwinds- "Criss Cross Live At The Red Sea "....Marty Krystall.

.....Man, I don't know where to start. "Criss Cross Live At The Red Sea " is a masterpiece. Marty has done it again, one of those CD's I will treasure forever and listen to over and over again. Why? There are few times in the history of mankind that we can sit back and allow ourselves to be manipulated in notes and tones by a pure mad man, brilliant tenor saxophonist, woodwind player and jazz legend Marty Krystall. Marty's playing allows the mind to travel to the brink of truth and reality and come back unharmed and ... enlightened.If Monk was still on this Earth, Marty Krystall would be his tenor player- This is the most creative jazz saxophone playing you'll hear today.The greatest sound, ideas and real jazz feel. It's inspiring to hear Marty just do what is supposed to be done, Thank God for this band ... they make the jazz world a better place. You can hear the reality in how they play and also the way they approach this music head on. The music is clear and concrete,the tunes are amazing. Listen to this CD by MARTY KRYSTALL,BUELL NEIDLINGER,HUGH SCHICK,BILL CUNLIFFE AND BILLY OSBORNE... it is a joy. There's no reason not to own this CD...this is what jazz is and should be. .........Tim Price / Blogging for D'Addario Woodwinds.

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