Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tim Price Bloggin' For D'Addario Woodwinds-The Mike Smith Woodwind Orchestra.

Mike Smith sent this to me over the weekend.  I need to tell you was a few things. First off without question-this is one of the most musical and satisfying CDs I've heard all year. Great arranging, great saxophone-woodwind playing and more! You need to get it right away! What you need to know about it is this for over 35 years Mike was part of the Sinatra organizations. He Played alto saxophone for Frank Sinatra and also Frank Sinatra Jr. That's the highest recommendation and reference in the world-this is some music that is beyond words. So beautiful.you owe it to yourself to check this out please do so-pure music from the heart and soul.
This was a heartfelt project dedicated to the memory of Mike Smith's good friend Frank Sinatra Jr.

  Mike Smith is one of the most respected and inspiring figures in today's jazz, one of the real ones, in a career extending three and a half decades with Frank Sinatra and Frank Sinatra Jr.. A  cutting edge versatile musician, recording and performing on alto,soprano sax, clarinet, flutes and clarinets and ,being a highly skilled arranger and composer. This great value masterful jazz collection broadly covers over dubs, and improvisations both as performer and arranger with ensembles. It showcases his multiple talents and features him alongside some equally illustrious contemporaries. It's an extremely entertaining journey through a dynamic and exciting era of jazz compositions arranged for his woodwinds.
One of the real alto saxophone sounds of today's era, it's all there.The tune selection is top notch, great compositions that are as freshly done as the day they were written.

Every once in a while throughout history, extraordinary artists appear who are mysteriously able to access vast amounts of their human potential and amaze their fellow human beings with the enormity of their gifts. Mike Smith is such an artist. He spontaneously spins out jewel after perfect jewel, when he plays time simply stops altogether and the sheer beauty and perfection of his playing brings you into a new beautiful world of sound. His approach on the ballads could define jazz lyricism! 

I find it remarkable that great jazz instrumentalists like Mike have a distinct "voice" easily recognizable in just a few notes. Mike Smith's much admired saxophone sound in lyricism, strength, meaningful phrasing, and shape is unique, and we hear it in splendid fashion on " Close Enough For Love". This album has intimate ambiance. The performances have spark. The tune choice has variety and balance. Great tune selection! Smith and his band mates give us a brilliant world class performance.This album is much more than words can describe...it is a work of art.

Thank you Mike Smith...this CD was one of the best I've heard in a long time.

Tim Price....D'Addario Woodwinds Blog.

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