Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tim Price Blogging For D'Addario Woodwinds-Your music should be a launching point and a departure point for personal expression.

Your music should be a launching point and a departure point for personal expression. Whether speech or natural sound,and anything that's carrying a personal  impression should be creating this. In simplest form-just carefully take the word -Morning. Now repeat it 50 times. This is what a single note can convey from hearing it in its own position and it's on relation to itself. Sometimes thinking of something in this matter without any other instrumental parts around it or any other contacts requires that we call upon some quite extraordinary abilities that rely on personal expression in response intuition. In a matter of the improviser music should be built upon memory and the fluid reality. As you play your first note to the solo play almost at random you should begin to develop your soul into a harmonic contexts that does beginning suggest via self interpreting and being creative mechanically. Just like when you said that one word-your creative energy and your speech pattern can change that one word or one note, it's something that lays on a deep personal level , it's as important as your musical abilities. Just like when somebody calls you on the phone you recognize their voice-you don't automatically think oh it could be one out of 75 people.
Improvising should be a direct result of your past conditioning and reference-something that already exists in time just like when you speak. Language can be finite in other words to the sum total of every statement every configuration of words, it is possible to string together, or it is possible to continue inventing new statements with in that . This way you're dealing more with context and vastness of natural languages-both idiomatically and in terms of your own vocabulary. This should be similar to an internal world that you simply use for what you've already worked on and internalize to study. Just like when you learn to talk you study the language-that's the principal function of a human being as of artist or a seeker of things on the improvisational level, and internalizing your basic skills is an absolute must.
( If not, think of the babble of an infant who has not learned to talk or express themselves!  )
Improvised music should rely upon contrasting sounds with the player themselves and the ensemble, if you cut your harmonic activity to a minimum and think of groupings and textures within what your playing and make that your main vehicle of expression, in the beginning  new sonics and contrasting shapes will start to present themselves to you. You have to cross your boundaries zones! You'll find a musical universe of your own inside one note of the time this is what I call simplicity of expression and also your tuning in to your own thoughts as an improviser .

Through the history all the greats have re-imagined the music and also invited you into it to experience on a  unexpected personal level . Think about this try to apply it as you're doing this you're going to be awakening what you already know and also opening your ears more-unity and cohesiveness will become a new tool .

Hope this helps, as always  there's some technical builders and other material at the bottom of this blog. Keep in mind I am always looking for clinics and workshops worldwide-if you have a budget please consider me, or tell somebody about me. You can always contact me through my email at timpricejazz @aol.com.... I offer an ocean of possibilities, please keep me in mind.

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