Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tim Price Bloggin' For Rico- How things really are- Sound/Music and lunch for your ears.

The saxophone sound is one of the most powerful tools of expression that you have and one of the first things you should strive to make personal.

It has been the thumbprint to a players style and life. To cop a sound so close to another player shows lack of imagination, and also lack of roots. ROOTS ! Yes, lets talk about that...masters like Johnny Hodges, Ben Webster, Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young,Roland Kirk, Phil Woods,Ben Webster,Dexter Gordon,Sonny Rollins,Charlie Mariano,Eric Dolphy, George Braith, Yusef Lateef, Albert Ayler, Gato, Tina Brooks, Serge Chaloff and Cannonball Adderley. Their sounds were an integral part of their musical identity. It didn’t matter if they only played a few notes, just hearing that sound was enough to get their message across to the audience. Then there's soul. SOUL! Players like King Curtis, Jimmy Forrest, Stanley Turrentine, Fathead Newman,Gene Barge aka Daddy G, Earl Bostic, Hank Crawford and Houston Person to name a few. Their sound encompassed all the aspects of their musicianship and is a direct result of the time spent on the horn.This element needs to be addressed these days more. The sound becomes ingrained into your personal concept, becoming an essential part of the overall message that you are communicating. Ultimately, if sound is lacking, the other areas of your playing, are lost on the listener.

Listening to players like this starts the mystifying process of self-realization, self discovery that ultimately governs one’s evolution. Improvising, after all, means creating music that is spontaneous, of the moment, and uniquely your own.The instrument becomes a process of self-discovery, finding out what your music really sounds like. You develop a period of looking honestly within, stripping away the BS that we have all collected in our attempt to sound like we can play, and listening for the simple melodic voice that really is our own. It’s there, if we really listen for it. The edge is something that has to do with not only the ESP of knowing, but the "bring it on" part.

OK- Next I want to talk about a CD that you all must listen to. Just get it right away and start listening. That CD is..." I talk With The Spirits" by Roland Kirk. YOU GOT TO HEAR THIS! Recoded in 1964, "I Talk with the Spirits" is one of Roland Kirk's most revered albums. It was the first and only time that the innovative multi-instrumentalist would focus entirely on flutes. The result is this hip otherworldly album on which beautiful ballads, blues-inflected jazz with a serene, celestial frequency. Kirk delivers a mixed bag of classics ("We'll Be Together Again," "People," and "My Ship") plus brilliant originals, like "Serenade to a Cuckoo". Something here I always felt about Kirk was his unsurpassed integrity. This CD is a must to hear- it sets a mood you will enjoy and also is one of the greatest jazz flute CD's in the world. You hear that sound like I was talking about before, that extra ingredient that makes music special, to make you feel nothing but good all over and constantly musical.

This CD, I always truly felt was something that was influential to many musicians outside of jazz as well. Take a listen and you'll hear whatI mean.

Another CD I think is a must is- Everybody Digs Bill Evans by Bill Evans.His style style became the blueprint for jazz musicians to follow, and his work has been cited as an influence on Herbie Hancock, Pat Metheny, Chick Corea and so many others. Bill's telepathic musical communication, perfect music from the first note to the last. This CD and the Kirk CD demonstrate a benchmark that exists in jazz- IF you hear it. A certain level that was the call of the day-and an excellence amoung those who played.The quality of his work is astonishing, deep, swinging and high quality- his ability to project the inner essence of a song is unmatched.

On a personal note- I'm looking forward to my Berks Jazz Festival concert coming up in March 2011. We kick off the Berks Jazz Festival at Gerald Veasley’s Jazz Base at the Crowne Plaza. With Tim Price, Ryan Anselmi’s Soulful Tenor Madness.
Info here;

Also- I'm looking to expand my base of operations thru the summer and future. If you know of summer festivals, summer workshops, University sax camps and anything in that mind set-pass my name on to the people in charge, and also give me a heads up on contact information.Get tome at- timpricejazz@aol.com . I'm looking to expand my teaching/playing/education ideas further.

If you think of someone who might enjoy what I do please tell them to go here for info:

OR; http://www.youtube.com/user/TimPriceJazz#p/u/11/YGaAWGW5gWo

Also- I'm very excited about this CD that the great Bob Mintzer played on, and played my tune " Twins Of Spirit" , with drummer Sean Kennedy.
Please take a listen and enjoy my composition.
Bob Mintzer, tenor- Performing "Twins of Spirit" Composed by-Tim Price
YouTube - Bob Mintzer with The Sean J. Kennedy Quartet

from the disc QUEEN ANNE'S REVENGE by The Sean J. Kennedy Quartet

~ OK- See you next week. This is what's on my mind the week of February 21, 2011.

Remember to strive for tone, and enjoy life!

Tim Price

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  1. Hi Tim,
    Have you heard about the Penella horns, designed by Luke Penella? I'm trying out a nickel alto now and am amazed at the warmth, depth, richness, in-tune-ness, etc.

    Your striving-for-tone friend, Premik