Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tim Price Bloggin For Rico- Using your mind and ear in improvising.

This week on the blog,I would like to focus on ear training, the ability of being able to hear various intervals and melodies in your musical mind without having an instrument in your hands. Start with simple things like scales, arpeggios, and patterns. Hear them in your mind and ear.

Try to hear a standard tune. Hear the drums, the bass, and piano. Imagine the sound, think of how yuor favorite players sound- shape your imagery towards that.Another nice form of ear training involves reading music without an instrument. Take a standard,or etude, and try to hear the sound and shape of the music in your head. The first thing you might observe is the form (AABA, AAB, etc etc). Next, see what the melody does. Does a particular phrase repeat in a sequential fashion? How does one 4 or 8 bar phrase lead to the next, and what are the common threads? Once you get the hang of what these qualities are, you will have a broader understanding to hear what is going on.Your music will sound healthier, and you will be better able to bring your music to the public. This is a form of practicing without your instrument as well. You'll enjoy it and grow musically as well. Many times at clinics and workshops I really focus on this aspect of our education.

ALSO- As an educator, it is easy finding the spirit of imagination in my teaching. On the bandstand, different values get focused on. Via commercial-industrial strength rock & roll playing or playing jazz. I'm always looking to find ways to isolate and capture this spirit via constant checking and re-checking of techniques-thought patterns , as it leads it's way closer.This will help you to develop natural confidence, by knowing information that you need to know. Remember your vision and keep your forward motion.

Till next week, eat well, exercise and walk as much as you can, and do what is meaningful in your daily routine. This is the best you can do.

~ Tim Price

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  1. Tim, as usual you are right on. Thank you for your insights. These reminders are so helpful.