Monday, May 2, 2011

Tim Price Bloggin' For Rico-The Arrival Of John Collinge

John Collinge music combines many elements and influences and is played at a high level by a very dedicated young musician. I was glad I checked this varied night of music by him.

If your talking about someone new embracing all the right things...check John out.

John lined up a fantastic band- Collin DeJoseph (Keyboards), Sooyoung Chin (piano) , Brady Watt (Electric Bass) Joe Abrams (Drums Perc.) ,Vinny Kucinski (Drums Perc.) , KYLE HERNANDEZ ( guitar) and Sam Neufeld on Trumpet. What a great band of players who are great to listen to and are total masters. Yeh!!
But this is no conservative music student throwback,it's the real thing. The band had amazing driving rhythms and clean changes that were edgy and keep the suprises coming.

John has been a student of mine for over 3 years at the New School University where I teach in New York City. He's impressed everyone who has heard him and when you consider he's someone who jazz legends at New School like George Cables, Adam Holtzman, Jane Ira Bloom, Vic Juris and Gil Goldstein enjoy- you got the picture. He's ready for any gig from a swinging be-bop gig to Dave Mathews. He's ready, and one of the most versatile saxophone players in his generation.

This gifted young man has a completely fresh and refreshing approach to jazz by borrowing from the rich traditions of soul, funk, McCoy Tyner, the group "Dreams" with the Breckers, Bird, and so much more. He's that cool oh yea!

Hearing him yesterday at the recital hall at New School University, where he is graduating from serves as further evidence of the kind of creative energy and magnetism that he radiates.

Check him out- at a New School University Workshop I did, where I have him demo a Don Byas solo I had him do for his assignment.Check out the big sound he gets too!

John Collinge is a great friend and someone I'm proud to introduce to the world as a stunning example of a young man with commitment.

~ Tim Price

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  1. Tim, this is really so, this may be the best thing a musician has ever said about me. You are the man, wolf!