Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tim Price Bloggin' For Rico...Thank you,Phoebe Snow

Thank you, Phoebe. What a magical voice, bless you, sweet boxcar-named Snow maiden. You gave so much to music and to your challenged daughter. Thank you, Phoebe Snow.

In the 70's I was in the Village Vanguard in NYC, to hear Dexter Gordon. Dexter was doing a week there and I went two nights to absorb his greatness, I was alone and sitting
against the wall near the band. At the end of the 2ed set, Dexter played a ballad, " This Time The Dreams On Me". He recited the words before the tune Dexter style, as he played
the opening phrases, I noted the lady next to me, sitting by herself, started to tear up. I could see that the emotion that Dexter setting the tune up, and then playing a phrase
got to her big time. As the set closed, I looked at her and started to talk about the magic the music had. She was a fellow traveler in the music I could tell, very excited to share
her thoughts as well. As the conversation continued, I realized who I was talking to! I was kind of at a loss for words to say to her as I was a huge fan of her music. Before I could think
of anything to say ( and if you know me, it's rare that I get stopped in my tracks wordless! LOL ) she asked me what I played. It was then I realized she knew I was hip to who she was.
I told her that " Harpos Blues" touched me deeply, and the Zoot Sims sax solo was so fitting for the tune. After all- ZOOT SIMS!! You dig! She got excited and was appreciative that I made a point to say that. She was so cool.
What I really noted, even before speaking to her was the she was really into what Dexter was playing, the music was going right into her soul. At first I kinda thought she was Phoebe Snow
but didn't focus on it till I heard her speak. What a sound!

To me the woman was a god send to this life and a role model to all who knew her story!
Let her personal determination and personal sacrifices be an inspiration to all. A reason for being, where being meets doing. And being and doing is about love and life. The Universe works in patterns.Phoebe Snow knew her passions, life purpose and sacred vision of work and did them. She was at one with her inner self and her reason for being. It is obvious that Phoebe
was on a mission as a woman and artist, and fulfilled it with unconditional, compassionate patience and love. God bless you sweet boxcar-named Snow maiden. So inspirational, and real.
Her 1975 hit "Poetry Man reached #5 on Billboard. This selection was on the flip side of Poetry Man and was frequently heard on jukeboxes. The album "Poetry Man" reached number 4 on the Billboard 200 album chart.

A phenomenal talent and presence....she will be sorely missed. RIP.

~ Tim Price

Take a listen to Phoebe & Zoot Sims ;

Harpos Blues by Phoebe Snow

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