Monday, April 4, 2011

Tim Price Bloggin' For Rico- Music is the real teacher!

~ My workshops at Berks Jazz festival were fun. It was nice to hear the growth and expansion of the musicians involved. I've been at this for a few decades to say the least, and it helps expand the horizons of the players in a "hands on" jazz way. A great example is my student Nathan Bellott who is studying at SUNY in NY. He was on this Berks Workshop with me and is really playing great stuff. Another example is Erin Stroup in Lower Bucks Schools. Check out, Jeff Coffin < from DaveMatthews band/ Bela Fleck Band >showing some love, with my former student Erin Stroup via a TV clip on education w/ Jeff Coffin that made it on you tube. out what Jeff Coffin said about me at 1:45-1:46 on you tube. And shows not only those of us who are fighting in the trenches and that a student of mine has... made a difference in a school system! These aspects, enhance what I've said for years that studying music enhances children's ability to perform better at other subjects, improves coordination and boosts self-esteem. They learn to harmonize with others not just on a musical level. Music was part of mainstream education throughout most of history. Through junior high upwards music is just as or even more impo...rtant in the people's continuing education. Music is_THE_ universal language. By doing this students can pursue passions and learn how to share their thoughts with others directly in a healthy and peaceful way. To come up to date, Saturday 4/9 I will present my Cape May Sax Workshop 11 am - 12pm at the Cape May Elementary School and will perform at the Saturday Jam. These Cape May Workshops have been very well attended for over 8 years that I've done them. Stop by please if your at the Cape May Jazz Festival this weekend. Click here; My philosophy about personal musical growth is that musicians should learn how to think, listen and talk about music. Likewise, I pass this on to my students of all ages. IT'S WORKING! If your in 5th grade or a Doctor studying jazz clarinet with me for fun. There's something we all have. It's this criteria: brain, ears, and voice. Naturally, these three are interrelated. If you think about music, then it follows that you can easily talk about it. Listening is the most important part. Without ears, music would not exist. If I had to pick the most valuable musical tool for shaping musical growth, it would be personal taste. Always visualize only favorable and beneficial situations.Music helps with this.Try to use positive words in your inner dialogues or when talking with others. Once a negative thought enters your mind, you have to be aware of it and endeavor to replace it with a constructive one.Persistence will eventually teach your mind to think positively and ignore negative thoughts.It does not matter what your circumstances are at the present moment. Think positively, expect only favorable results and situations, and circumstances will change accordingly. It may take some time for the changes to take place, but eventually they do. A student once asked me if a particular note "worked" in a particular setting; my response was, "only if you like it". Take it a step further Bob Dylan plays thesame C7 chord that Pat Martino does. Same 4 notes, likewise when Sonny Rollins hits a D minor 7th, it's the same chord that Jeff Beck might play or Keith Jarrett. It's how YOU deliver it. Lots of cooks use tomatoes and basil you dig? Same deal.Keeping a open mind can create a path for a student. There's a big difference between Bud Powell and Duke Ellington. But they both have a message. Think about it.Personal musical taste expands infinitely. This allows for musical evolution. Just live it. Go for it. Play it. Write it. Above all, use your own personal, ever growing, musical taste. Hence, music is the real teacher. Share the music and propigate it as much as you can. As always,strive for tone and help your school music programs, in every way you can. TILL NEXT WEEK -Work hard and play harder. HOPE TO SEE SOME OF YOU AT CAPE MAY. ~ Tim Price

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