Monday, April 18, 2011

Tim Price Bloggin' For Rico- Music should inspire people to better themselves and the world.

~ The contemporary scene, is rich with individuals who are inventive, thoughtful, and innovative.Such a person is Kristen McKeon. It's been a total pleasure to know Kristen McKeon
Rico Product Specialist.

develops, markets, and engages in music education outreach/artist relations for Rico.
In addition- she is a supreme voice on alto saxophone. Her vision, sound, conception to her musical direction is very inspiring. Listening to this powerful woman play is really something special. One note from her
has the ability to touch the soul with a extraordinary depth of emotion and dramatic range. Her cantabile style,is as identifiable as a human voice.
She is really unique in a way that will benefit the music that she is playing. Her expression, sound and ideas are a must to hear.
In addition to all that, she is an asset to the Rico family as well. As I said...
inventive, thoughtful, and innovative.
That describes what her agenda is.

~Practicing is serious biz to me, this music deserves respect and has to be played with both musical intelligence and passion.The musician draws on multiple sources, personal life experience, events, and culture, and something intangible within the self, whether it be called soul, inspiration or the muse.
A lot of times, on gigs, you don't know what you're doing initially, and then you crystalize it. So when I practice I need a strong focus of what I need to deal on. Clarity is everything !! For one thing, things will go faster, and in this day and age when you play, you have very little time to go over the tunes. And sadly we don't have six nights a week at the club to get the tunes in shape. So practice rears it's head much different for me.There are no free rose gardens in music- it's NOT going to be easy. So when I shed, I deal with the element of focus and what I need to do at this point in my journey.
So my mind set lately is, practicing jazz is really less about achieving the super-virtuosity , but more about achieving the necessary fluency to improvise ideas freely without constraint.

Also- This is where I teach-New School University.This Wednesday April 20th I present a workshop;

New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music Facilities and Equipment Office presents:

Tim Price and Rico Reeds
April 20th
2:30-3:30 pm
5th Floor Performance Space
Free and open to everyone!

We as human beings are very special in that we are linked together through the universal chain of life and events. As artists, creators and teachers we should inspire people to better themselves and the world while serving as a means of perceiving the past, present and future in a positive way. This is my agenda. Hope to see some of you this Wednesday at the New School in NYC.

Till then- thank you for reading this blog.

~ Tim Price

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