Monday, June 20, 2011

Tim Price Bloggin' For Rico- The Joy That Clarence Clemons brought to the world through his music.

Clarence Clemons was born to be a sax player....that was what he was sent to this planet to do. His music was for everybody.What you hear is what you got. It was universal love, and his music radiated through the world.

But in hearing Clarence I realized, as I have since I heard him in the beginning that what he brought to everyone was also his joy of happiness in his life and music. Clarence was a great example of a man who did not need to acquire happiness because he already had it. His approach to everything he did was a direct expression of happiness-in his career and his life.
When put the horn is his mouth that vibe charged through into the music like a bolt of lightening. From his extensive work with " The Boss" to his recent solos on the Lady Gaga C.D.

If a saxophone player wants a real lesson,there it is! It's that simple.

Clarence found true happiness, because he followed his inner voice. You can hear it when he spoke to people and also in the music. He played from THE HEART and aligned everyone with it.

The loss of Clarence Clemons in this life and music is really upsetting because in hearing his solos with Lady Gaga, I remarked to a lot of musician friends that Clarence was doing something very important in those solos. That was playing melody's! In this "era" that element is really something that the music needs, in addition to the soul and grease Clarence laid on Gaga's tracks.
All thru his life, on the bandstand, that ability to bring the melodic to the front of the saxophone solo was his thumbprint! Go back and listen to his solo on "Paradise By The C" with Bruce Springsteen. Beautiful!

God bless Clarence Clemons, he was more that just a saxophone player,entertainer and vocalist. He took people by the hand and brought them into the music and shared his joy of happiness with them.World wide, just like they walked in off the strip in Asbury Park New Jersey. That power in his music was beyond anything words could describe- and something we'll all never forget. His giant sound will always live on and continue to be be an inspiration for the world. In that way he is truly immortal.. Being a complete musician goes well beyond the notes- you taught everyone that my friend- thank you.

Rest In Peace Clarence, you touched many lives-you will always be a messenger of peace, happiness and soulful saxophone playing . You will be missed.

Clarence Clemons was part of the Rico family, he was a proud Rico artist. He played Rico #3 Plasticover Reeds. His music will live forever. He really rocked the house.

Check him out here;


All the very best to all of you out there- Tim Price

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