Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tim Price Bloggin' For Rico-Ya got to love it.

Ya got to love it, that's the long and the short of it.

For one reason or another there has to exist enough desire to maintain a practice for the long
term. It's true in any field. Of course it's not all a bed or roses, but the returns have been satisfying for me -
-and continue to be. Actually, as I get older, there is more of a feeling of appreciation for the skills and talent
which I've developed.

Perhaps and expansion of your practice into some more enjoyable areas would
spice things up for you. Concentrate for a while on things you enjoy--also,
some type of physical exercise is sometimes necessary to balance and
complement your musical practice since music can tend to be like a desk job at
times. The saxophone is not really a solo instrument in the same way that a
piano is-so the rewards of playing the sax only really come in
performance......recording and things like that. Then of course, there is the
money issue. How to make a living playing music---always an interesting

So there is another interesting aspect of music--competition. It exists. Whether or not you get caught up in it
depends on many things. Let's first assume that everyone is independently wealthy--no money problems. It's difficult to separate out this "pure" love of music from the other.

But, what is really the alternative. A practice offers psychological benefits
which, in the long run, greatly enhance ones ' quality of life.

...Tim Price

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