Monday, January 9, 2012

Tim Price Bloggin' For Rico- Tim Price in the NAMM ZONE- and more.

Well, we’ve made it through another year. Still on the planet and in love with the music.
As musicians what we have is the spirituality of musical activity is a powerful antioxidant,positive reinforcement to everyday life. If you look at it like that you can have a level of activity that is boundless, both from the perspective of listener or student and player or composer. Music will join the people of the world together and enriches the minds and spirits of young and old alike. Health care has got nothing on music as a healing endeavor.Think about the effects of music in it's many stages, be it a movie or even a beer commercial. As musicians we should be as grateful for music, the arts and the possibilities it implies and spreading tolerance any way we can within that.

CHECK IT- Sonny Rollins won a Kennedy center award, honoring him for his contributions to the American art form called jazz. This was the only time I saw any jazz on network television all year. Never the less, it was heart warming to see this great man acknowledged by our country. At the age of 81 he still practices every day, and is very much aware of what’s happening in the world. ( take note! )

There's a book I'm reading- I urge you all to read ;
Pops: A Life of Louis Armstrong
By Terry Teacho

As you should know, Louis Armstrong stands as one of the legends of twentieth century music. During five decades as a performer he thrilled audiences with his cornet and trumpet virtuosity, while his gravelly voice made him one of the most popular and recognizable singers of his day. Such a career became the stuff of legend, making it difficult to discern the truth underneath. In this book, Terry Teachout undertakes the difficult task to sift though the legend to discover the man underneath.

In this he is aided by Armstrong, who left behind two autobiographies and numerous audio recordings. Teachout goes on to describe his journey during the 1920s from promising young cornet player into the headlining talent he became by the end of the decade. Teachout rightly gives this period, one that saw some of his most innovative music, considerable attention.
In examining Armstrong's life, Teachout brings to bear his skills as detective and storyteller. He succeeds in depicting a very human yet enormously gifted performer, a talented musician who was also a superb entertainer.Read this book- it's a must for anyone who is involved with any form of music.

Next week...From Thursday January 16th to Sunday January 22 I'll be at NAMM.
Check the poster at the bottom of this blog - for my performance date at NAMM as well. If you are looking to get to me before NAMM...Email me at so we can hook up.

So there you have it, stay well and strive for tone.

Tim Price

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  1. Sonny is a bad man for sure.
    Have a safe trip and if you see Mike MacArthur tell him I sad hello.