Monday, January 2, 2012

Tim Price Bloggin' For Rico'...T.P. Thanks Rico for being the real deal.

~ As 2012 starts I just want to thank Rico Reeds for not only being the innovative reed company, but also for being there for those of us who are concerned saxophonists, clarinets, woodwind players and educators in this life. From my corner as a player who educates and a educator who plays. The Rico team all the way around is stellar, not just to me but to everyone and everything. They care!

For me comfort and mind set as a creative artist are number one.Sure I break in reeds and do that- but many times in the world we live in the band gets set up and my sax pak is in the corner of the club behind a table of people chomping on calamari.It's not always that way but hey, REALITY #101 Class in session!* HA! So I got my reeds in my pocket or on my stash on my Line 6 amp for my Electro-bassoon. Mid-set on the 2ed set the club gets noisy,the band starts to play harder and the heat in the club is up. My reed needs a rest.I take a walk on the wild side...I take a brand NEW RICO RJS out of my pocket that I wet once and put it on. Check it quickly on our break in the jazz dressing room the club so nicely provides for all it's bands. AKA- THE MENS ROOM !! The reeds is ready to rock. The set starts and I am happy and the reed is killin'. This same scene has happened to me on Latin gigs,rock and roll, Aretha , big band, jam band, theater, pit and subbing peoples club dates. Rico is there!

Not every reed 20 years ago was like that and not every concert or gig has perfect sound. BUT...The way Rico has gone to bat for us and done the right thing is something very special. Not just the RJS either but clarinet reeds and Reserve too.A new benchmark has been set.

The beautiful part is, people that are there that listen.They want the truth. Then they also want the truth on the post-reed side. If I ran into a bad run of reeds and told my people like Rob Polon or Kristen McKeon...there would be concern and things would be dealt with instantly.It's like that. In a word, trust.
Plus- nobody told me to say these things. Just so you know. If I feel it- I say it. That is another factor of these blogs. I write what I want. Sure I endorse RICO, but these's a reason why, I'm not just some guy piling up endorsements etc. and playing peek-a-boo with the business of music, this is my life.This is what I do-I educate and I play. Without a great reed, and a consistent reed week to year to year I got issues. Rico, makes the intangible tangible for me. Thank you Rico!

Also another case in point, It's great to help students at clinics with Rico too. So many times as student has a sound that is not so good. I work on breathing and embouchure.But 9 times out of 10 when I give them a Rico product they " lock in" and get a much faster comfort zone as a student.Plus- on clarinet results are instant. In the years I studied reed design with Kal Opperman, as well as years of legit study of the clarinet with Kal I can humbly say if Kal saw these new Reserve reeds he
would be not only in love with them but playing them. ( Kal was a teacher of mine post-Berklee ) Students need this stability in their lives.

So there as we start a new year- I got to give some love and credit to my people at Rico. All of ya! My bro Rob Polan- who not only is one great, great buddy but understands what I'm into as a person and a player. Why? He listens and takes the time. Ditto- Kristen McKeon.She's another great one, and tremendous friend as well. But also like I said EVERYONE at Rico. Take a bow. Thank you.

Till next week- strive for tone.Also in 2012, take the time to say thank you to the folks in your life big and small.The two most unused words in todays language are just those two. Make it happen.


* TAKE NOTE ; Dressing rooms/ gigs.
I've seen every dressing room, from a great green room
to exactly what I described. From rooms with food, towels,
places to changes, water and even nice massage women to the kind I described.
It's what it is. I think I might do a few blogs on SURVIVAL 101. Stay tuned!


  1. Tim: Don't forget the plain old Rico Orange box reed. They work really well for me on tenor w/my vintage metal FL Otto Link 8* mpc. I like them better than the RJS. The plain Rico's work for me. Also don't forget the LaVoz reeds. I use a LaVoz hard on my Meyer 6M on alto. They also work really well for me. Michael Brecker started using LaVoz reeds on tenor after he ran out of Guardla reeds in his stash.

    When Michael did a workshop at my Navy Band in 03 someone asked him what kind of reed he uses. Michael said, 'nothing special or fancy, just a LaVoz medium tenor reed.

    Have a good day.

  2. The "best" dressing room I ever used was in the Congo when I was playing bari w/the Navy Show Band while we were on tour in West Africa. Dirt floor, no chairs, or bench, no running water and no facilities. Of course we were changing into our nice dress whites too. Real dusty environment, our whites weren't white for very long.

    However we still played a great show and gave it our all despite the dust and dirt.