Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tim Price Bloggin' For Rico- Friday @ Berks Jazz ; My man Randy Sutin.

‎~ A few words ....About Friday's Liberty Tap Room Gig in Reading, Pa via Berks Jazz Fest.

This band is special. Why? Because the vibraphonist Randy Sutin & I have played jazz in Berks-Reading area on & off for over 29 years. In between my gigs, teaching & workshops. To play, search the music & make a living too.
The picture below is from art least 27 years ago- in a cool biker bar that a few like minds tried to set up as a local jazz society. We had professional guests ( Scott Andrew Silbert the great tenor player/arranger for one! ) and more. Our agenda musically was simple...PLAY. We'd play " Joes" in Trenton, The base jazz club at Ft Dix on Sundays to name a few. And wake up the next day- and do our jobs in life. We also had Tuesdays at the then Shearton Hotel ( aka- pre; 18 years Veaslys Jazz Base ! )a few times a month to great crowds. In those days, I had no endorsements but also didn't think I was of the " level" to be asking. Years later they came without me asking , and I am grateful thousands of times over. Yet- after years of bringing top name leaders to " guest" with me at Berks Jazz Fest like Richie Cole ( 2 times! ), Lew Tabackin, Bill Goodwin, Rachel Z, Al Grey, Budessa Bros w/ Chuck Zeuren ,Bobby Zankel to name but a few- it's always great to continue to play with Randy Sutin. Not because he brings a set of Tibetan nipple gongs to the gig ( LOL !! ) , but because he's a world class vibes player & my friend that knows the deal. If you want to play's something you HAVE to do. Not just once in a while, but it's your " jones ". Your life in a way. Expansion don't always happen in a major city either, it can go down anywhere. But you got to play. We've had so much fun too, at Ft Dix when I first met him- we were playing with the great baritone saxophone & flute be-bop legend Cecil Payne!! We've had some mega-fun & paid our dues driving turnpikes home at 3:30 in the morning , sometimes getting in at the butt crack of dawn.
This Friday joining us are two masters who I welcome warmly- they are friends and fellow travelers in the music. The great Jack Hegyi on bass, and Sean J. Kennedy on drums. Sean recorded one of my tunes with Yellowjackets saxst Bob Mintzer, he is a warrior & great educator. Jack is a bassist who I know from Cape May Jazz Festival & he has that thang- real grit in his bass feel and a great person to boot. Thinking on Cape May Fest- I did that 8 years, two times a year, and did workshops & features and the jams. Sad to see it go like it did- I hope it returns. Without venues that I might not of ever met Jack! Get my drift ? To play. Forget the gossip, the FB all goes away when the tune is counted off. And Friday we hit at 9:00. Come on by and hear why I call it Jazz-A-Delic !! SUPPORT LIVE MUSIC! See you there.
( Thanks for reading this too BTW- It's been on my mind. )

~ Tim Price


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