Monday, April 2, 2012

Tim Price Bloggin' For Rico- TONY LAKATOS- HOMETONE...A must hear.

Ok- one word says it all, buy this record. Amazing,amazing,amazing.Tony with Billy Drummond(Drums)Bob Hurst(Bass)Robi Botos(Piano) and Axel Schlosser(Tr).You can't ask for more.

It's on - Hometone ( SKP-9109-2 ) 2012

Since I first heard Tony on " Blues for the Last Punk" I was a fan.
This recording was done in a New York studio.A major work for Tony in that each track is a soundscape with the most personal sounds of resonating real jazz.The CD
moves through shifting sequences of textures:with a profound tenor statement by Tony on each. His commitment, direction and thoughtful mastery of personal direction is inspiring. If you know his style, there's no way you could imagine this was anyone else. To me this CD is superbly recorded, every nuance of this very sound-conscious band apparent, I feel like the tenor is in the room with me. His sound is a lesson for every saxophonist playing today. A message! BE YOURSELF- AND DO IT WITH STYLE.

That's where he came from, I can hear his deep roots and love of the masters but also he sure isn't on a bender to fool anyone with a lok at me style. He's playing right from the heart and soul.This would be the kind of CD I'd play for my friend the late Frank Lowe, the tenor player, and he'd go wild talking about it to everyone for months! Well, It's that good friends. So much on it that is right there for you.

For instance-Robi Botos.He's the pianist whose work drew praise from the master musician Oscar Peterson.You can hear why. His comping is so internalized, his chord voicing I just want to transcribe and study. He knows where to play for Tony and set him up. His solos are memorable like landmarks. Each solo has structure, and a great line. What a sound too! Of course we all love Billy Drummond, what can you say? Bassist Robert Hurst has such a sound, and defination in his time. The hook between him and Billy is just beautiful.Billy to me is a master of the melodic too, and I always loved his cymbal feel. Check track track 4-Leonard. You'll hear what I mean. The voice of trumpet and flugelhorn player reminds me of someone who knows where is really going, and taking his time to get there. I like his sound a lot, and am reminded of his CD called "Touching The Moon". There's a Freddy Hubbard tune on there that introduced me to him, and I'm glad for it. He has that thing with Tony in the two horn blend.There's no holding back, no merely "cool" or "playful" licks, no "hip" cliches. Axel Schlosser is all about risk, passion, soaring lyricism.

Back to Tony! Check track 5- "It Has Been Agreed". It'll knock you out.
He is on fire, just unbelievable.Post-Bop, Hard-Bop, call it whatever you like, this is some of the most exciting music you're ever likely to hear. The direction that Tonys sound has within the music is really something special.Today, to many plays lack that sound. The personal part! Tony Lakatos got it.He's got so much detail and presence in everything he does.

Every single cut on this album are just true jewels.You need this! This is music that has to be heard, and by a player who commands your attention. Thank you Tony.

This CD is a testimony to a spiritual joy that can accompany disciplined mastery of jazz. This is music that speaks to both head and heart. Wow!

~ Tim Price

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