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Tim Price Bloggin' For Rico - In My Own Dream....You gotta leave the house and live it....Reflections of David Sanborn, Paul Butterfield and more.

~~ In the day....I saw the Paul Butterfield band twice, with David Sanborn. At thay point, nobody knew him in jazz circles, and he hadn't hit in the multitude of exposure that he did in pop solos that everyone is aware of as we speak.One of the last truly great blues bands that played as great live as they recorded, and in my opinion,was the band that started the avalanche of electric blues bands throughout the USA!
~ I ALWAYS THINK BACK....To this time of the year when I was a second year Berklee student in Boston. My girlfriend at the time had a great car-a new Fiat. We heard that Butterfield was going to be at a local blues bar on Cape Cod. So off we went, driving down to the Cape armed with wine, some items for the beach and great interest in hearing this band live. In that "era" could hear the band on the radio in Boston a few times a day. Not "pop" radio mind you, but serious radio stations that the DJ's actually took an interest in prompting things they knew of. Novel idea yes? HA-it was something that very much needs to be done today to boost REAL music back into the ears of those who can tell, and care.
~ So my friend and I get to the club, after checking into a great, and still existant beach motel in a close town. Man, the lure of that fresh air, the then inexpensive Lobster rolls, and a few glasses of wine in the motel and we are ready to go check out Butterfield. I was curious as there was a track the local radio played with a severely funky-blues sax solo on alto. We arrive, and as the band takes shape I note that Bloomfield had already departed for " The Electric Flag". The addition of guitarist Buzzy Feiten, a man whose take-no-prisoners style turned out to be a muscular combination of the sound of his two predecessors, Mike Bloomfield and Elvin Bishop. Led by Butterfield wailing on lead vocals and his patented Southside of Chicago harmonica, the band sounded as powerful as ever with a horn section that included David Sanborn on alto sax, Gene Dinwiddie on tenor and Keith Johnson on trumpet. From the first tune, there was no question that the band fired on all cylinders.
~ Sanborn was taking care of big business. His saxophone rose over the band in a way that was soulful funky and so real you could feel the grit in his message. For a guy that wasn't to much older than myself...I heard some real _dues_in this young artists style. The club had the vibe of that era....dumpsters of beer, wine and whiskey bottles in the back of the club facing ocean side, you could hear the band clearly on the parking lot- and chairs outside the club in the sand. It was a beautiful thing! As the night went on...and the band kept the flame high I noted with extreme interest the thumbprint David was playing with and placing on this music. As the summer ended, and fall hit New England we trekked out to a North Shore jazz club to hear the band again. This time they were at the famous " Lennys On The Turnpike". Again- the same band. David set the saxophone on fire with his beautiful concept. The band at this time was on the local stations in Boston had made rotation into the domain of John Lee Hooker, Otis Rush, Percy Mayfield, Lowell Fulson, Big Joe Turner, James Cotton, Mike Bloomfield, Jake Walker and more. The stand outs were not only the great horn section, Buzzy and Paul....but David Sanborns innovative sax solos drenched in a man with an agenda and story to tell. ~ THE BANDS INFLUENCE WAS ALSO INFUSED WITH THE BRILLIANCE OF TENOR PLAYER... Gene Dinwiddie. His presence was strongly felt, and forward motion in the music as well in years to come. Check out- FULL MOON someday. You'll love it.
~ In this ear what set the stage for years to come was.....DUES. To be blunt,David Sanborn has the depth and greatness that only comes with a player who has spent time....ON THE BANDSTAND. Time on the band bus in transit and time listening to the masters and finding a_TRUE_voice of his own. Time studying as well- via George Coleman for one. A clear path of a career of a master player who influenced generations! This kind of player-left the house! He took the road traveled...and as he did it influenced and inspired us all. Big love and respect to you David Sanborn for carrying the torch and setting a benchmark . Also, the passion and need to play is deep.
~ A consummate perfectionist with no bounds,always playing from the heart. CHECK OUT THESE YOU TUBE TITLES...To hear the era I'm talking about with the great Paul Butterfield ; Paul Butterfield blues band...In My Own Dream Paul Butterfield Blues Band - Morning Sunrise (Live At Woodstock 69') ~ So there you have it. Till next week, take a venture away from procrasta-net and hear some live music, check out where todays masters came from and do something nice for someone while your at it. ~ Tim Price

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  1. Timeless music with Butterfield and Sanborn. Thanks for another great blog entry.