Monday, July 9, 2012

Tim Price Bloggin' For Rico- Listen, shed & play.

LISTEN ! The late George Russell,jazz legend has offered this knowing appreciation of his Jaki Byard: "Jaki Byard always personified the past, present and future of jazz, wherever or whenever one might have been fortunate enough to experience his challenging ideas. An icon in the history of jazz, Jaki was Art Tatum, Earl Hines, Bud Powell, Ran Blake, Cecil Taylor, and Bill Evans, all in one. Yet, like these fellow icons, he was his own uncompromising, unique, living entity. He isn’t a household name, but most likely his low profile is the result of an irresistible need to constantly reinvent himself, the sure sign of the consummate artist. His history, from Boston’s Storyville to the countdown year of the millennium, leaves us with a rich history of his music, his life and times, allowing us to experience the intense struggle of a dedicated artist to keep his essence alive while still making us laugh with him along life’s corridor. There will never be anyone who can take his place."
I remember when I got that first Live LP. I remember when the first notes of "Twelve" I'd never heard anything like "Twelve." I've still got it in my head decades later. Jaki, Joe Farrell and George Tucker and Alan Dawson. Lennie's-on-the-Turnpike as a small room, tight, compact, holding the sounds solidly in. Years later I heard Jaki at Lennies, with Alan Dawson, Harvie Swartz and Sal Nistico. Opposite Professor Irwin Cory the comedian. Music to live by- be inspired by and never forget. If your a musician you need to learn "Diane's Melody" that he wrote for his daughter and in the early years Herb Pomeroy recorded it for him.
SHED ; If your practicing improvising, knowing these will improveyour facility fast. All major scales All minor scales (natural, harmonic, ascending melodic) All (2) whole-tone scales Pentatonic scales Blues scales All diminished scales Chromatic scales Bebop scales (ionian add #5; mixolydian add Maj.7; melodic minor add #5; mixolydian b2 b6 add Maj.7; dorian add Maj.7; locrian add Maj.7) All of the above scales in 15 keys (7 sharp keys, 7 flat keys and the key of C) All dom 7th, min 7th, maj 7th, half dim 7th, dim 7th (and in versions) Dominant 7th arpeggios chromatically ii-V progression arpeggiated from the root ii-V pattern chromatically ii-V pattern moving up in minor thirds Flat 5 substitutes in all keys
LISTEN ; ~ Go find some recordings of Zoot Sims.Listen to Zoot for a few days. On you tube, buy some CD's and just enjoy this artist.Zoot Sims was one of the greatest tenor saxophone players in jazz.Remarkable,powerful emotional and irresistible.
SO.... Listen, shed & play. ~ Tim Price
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