Monday, April 8, 2013

Tim Price Bloggin' For Rico Reeds- WHAT IT IS.

- - What it is...Is hard work and commitment.Commitment to your chosen art form, and desire to do just that.Creativity and responsibility are twins in art. One cannot claim to be truly creative without being responsible. However, the commitment of an artist to a cause should never be blind commitment. The artist should always retain the right to question motives. In that way the artist will remain faithful to both creativity and social responsibility.If all art is a form of communication, all art is produced with an audience in mind. The process of artistic creation is an exercise in communication and as all communication must be able to communicate, it therefore follows that the process of artistic creation entails the responsibility to communicate. It can therefore be argued that there is no necessary contradiction between creativity and responsibility in art. I know that there are philosophies like art for art’s sake, which can be contrasted to say the literature of commitment. But I say you cannot be truly creative without being responsible. The moment you stop being responsible you stop being truly creative.IT DON'T JUST HAPPEN. You got to work.< all art is produced with an audience in mind > ~ These last few days...have strengthened that idea. I taught a workshop Sunday for JazzEd at Berks Jazz. Beautiful energy, students and commitment. From there, I drove from my Reading, Pa home to outside Philly.To my vibes player Randy Sutins home to rehearse for Thursdays gig. I ran into my old friend Harold Smith there. ( pictured above in first picture, to my right.) Harold is a force of nature and inspiring. It was great to see him. Randy and I have been playing jazz over 30 years together. Long drives at night home,late hours going into the next days work. AND SO IT GOES. To do this is responsible and shares a responsibility to the music. We've played decades of jazz clubs, strange rooms that wanted jazz and nice clubs from Cape May New Jersey to Wilmington Delaware and NYC.There creativity and social responsibility join. You got to get to the audience and be on time too. Done deal. Randy and I have played with players like Cedric Jensen-drums, Cecil Payne the bop baritone sax legend, Richie Cole, organist Tommy Pass, Junior Cook- the great tenor saxophonist and more. The joy and fun are memory's and we're still doing it. It is our life. - You do it, and keep doing it. That is.....what it is. - THURSDAY.... Tim Price Jazz-A-Delic.... Thursday, April 11, 7 p.m.... Gerald Veasley's Jazz Base.... case his Jazz-A-Delic project, featuring vibraphonist/percussionist Randy Sutin, who has been creating music with Tim for over 26 years; drummer/composer/educator Sean Kennedy; and superstar bassist Mark Amentt. Pefect committed jazz players to be on the set with. Till next week....stay true to YOUR muse and keep on- TIM PRICE PS- THANK YOU.... Jeff Kirschenbaum & Andrew Lepley for the great pictures. You guys are the best.

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