Monday, May 20, 2013

Tim Price Bloggin' For Rico Reeds- Fantasy or Reality?? Live / be the reality.

~ These days with all the amazing internet adventures,Facebook, Twitter and you name it, it's easy to loose touch with reality. The " real" of it all. To be using the " net" or Facebook as a tool, is a great thing. But sometimes I have noticed a lot of hype,and no reality. Hype is healthy, for sure, but the real deal is when what your talking about hits the streets. In short- How to stop adding to the hype and make the internet of things a reality! Then of course there are the " TROLLS" that exist everywhere, look at some of insane comments on YOUTUBE or web forums. The key is,And I'm going to just come out and say it — a large proportion of the worst, most horrendous internet trolls are probably people who lack a certain amount of social graces in their "meat space" interactions as well. Including some people you probably would flee, long before they got as far as opening their mouths.But on the internet, there's no easy way to flee people before they can say their piece. It's actually the opposite of the way most people think the internet works — and it's definitely the opposite of the way futurists predicted the internet would work. It gives a fool the same common ground as you, and more often on let's say Facebook, a BS artist or a person trying to create a persona for themselves the same common ground as an established professional. - That's one point — trolling or being is often in the eye of the beholder. A conservative's idea of trolling will be very different from a liberal's. Ditto for divisions of age, socioeconomic status.We tend to talk to our friends,like minds, and to people we already share some basic similarities with — and if a random dude does come up to you and start explaining his theories about why Charlie Parker doesn't sound good, you usually back away fast. Ha! Yet- to read about something someone invented on line, to hype the lack of " time spent" or street cred. is pretty frustrating. You want those 3 minutes back, unless of course you can actually see this becoming reality. Or hear the said " CD" they are talking about and some actual gigs that are in motion. ~ I've noted....with extreme interest the way a lot of folks roll with this these days. Matter of fact, if it's real then it's cool. But just fantasy? I can't get with that.But with great freedom comes great responsibility, and as I reflect upon that, I have to say it's how you use it and the reality of it all. Internet freedom is a beautiful thing, but keep reality in the hype and dream too my friends.All we can do is continue to speak out on these issues and keep the flame alive for quality, the craft of musical forward motion, and informed musical decisions in creating our art. I think I’ll go listen to some Don Menza! Looking forward to doing more clinics and work in Europe myself, I love it there, learning more, and making a salad using the avocados later. Keep the faith,keep listening to the real things - TIM PRICE


  1. Yokohama Bird WalkerMay 23, 2013 at 12:21 PM

    Very Well Put. I'm glad someone is saying what needs to be said about jazz and the internet. Thank you for continued positivity in the saxophone community and keep on smokin those winston churchills haha