Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tim Price Blogging For Rico Reeds...Horizons & staying on the pulse. Lin Halliday, Chicago groove and stuff to shed.

New Improvising horizons..... Check out- Lin Halliday.When one considers what makes a meeting of two master musicians interesting ,there are several common factors which can be observed throughout the history of jazz.For Lin on tenor, it is a combination of Lester's time feel,Rollins’ “wet” approach and even some influence from early Trane as he goes into the higher register. But really it's that that Chicago thing in there - extended vocalizing emanating primarily from the throat. You'll notice this in other Chicago tenor players such as Johnny Griffin , John Gilmore , Von Freeman and the inspirational Joe Daly. Stylistically, Lin can stretch the rhythm and harmony, but in completely different ways.Lin Halliday dives straight into the center of the harmony and pulse using his incredible imagination to create a universe.of its own within the structure of the tune. Speed and dexterity are fundamental to Lin's style like all good Chicago tenor men. Ya know , when I close my eyes and listen to him, it’s like a locomotive coming down the track right at you, there is the sheer joy,Lin in his own way has extended the language on a level prominent enough to have a major effect.It has been my feeling that with our culture's emphasis upon and rewarding of conformity rather than originality has been increasingly stifled in the past decade or so . You won't hear that stifled approach here !!! In his playing you hear the history of jazz saxophone, from pre-bop to free jazz executed with a tone that can be booming or at times breathy in the low register, with a shade of silkiness as he ascends through the horn and even an occasional expressive growl, totally refreshing. CHECK LIN OUT....He's a link to new improvising horizons for sure. As your doing it...Check out Rico artists from Chicago like Mike Smith, Frank Catalano for some Chicago horizons.Mike Smith is one of today's creative inspirations,one of the very best alto saxophonists playing today. Ditto Frank Catalano...both these guys deserve more time in your ears- check them out. They are world class monster jazz players. Also Eric Alexander too,one of the cool guys in today's tenor world, I always look forward to checking out Eric, he recorded with Lin and sounds great always. OK- See you next week....keep on it and stay on the case....TIM PRICE - Stuff to shed is below too. Check it out ;Ear Training on Chord Tones - Phase 3" is up and running: http://www.saxontheweb.net/Price/EarTraining3.html....also- for some more ideas....check through these ; IF...you want some ideas on ii-v's...look here; http://www.timpricejazz.com/lessons/iiV.pdf......... If your looking for a nice warm up / sax sound study-look here; http://www.timpricejazz.com/lessons/sax_warmup.pdf.......... for info on tune study; look here; http://www.timpricejazz.com/lessons/learningatune.html.... reed info, look here; http://www.timpricejazz.com/lessons/dealingwreeds.html.... sax players food for thought:look here; http://www.timpricejazz.com/lessons/creativepurity.html... In any case, thanks and keep playing your horn!!!

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