Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tim Price Bloggin' For D'Addario Woodwinds - Be Yourself.

BE YOURSELF – music is a language. Do you know that out of 6.6 billion people in this world, nobody looks alike? Even an identical twins have different thumbprints. Not only humans, but also plants and animals differ from each other. Isn’t this amazing? Do you think this is merely a coincidence? Absolutely not… Existence has purposefully made us different from each other – but why? Because no other joys are comparable to the ones by being your own true self. Only through your own originality, you can experience the eternal joy of life.But the question is if there is so much ecstasy and joy in being oneself, then why cannot we be so? What are we so afraid of? What is keeping us from this source of ultimate blissfulness that could flow into our lives any moment? First, you need courage. Yes, a tremendous courage to fight back and resist those factors that have been prohibiting you from becoming your own person or simply being yourself. Yes, you need to stand up for your rights and protest against all the impediments that have been posing threats to your growth. You need to act on your own. Don’t think that someone will come and rescue you. You are your own messiah. You have to show tremendous courage to make your own decisions. You might be condemned, you might be ridiculed, you might be threatened – but you should not give up your fight. You are fighting for your own inner freedom; you are fighting for your own individuality, and your own originality. Be a rebel and start your inner revolution before it is too late. Your original self is the most beautiful, highest and eternal gift that has been given to you by your own existence. So don’t give up, and don’t compromise for something lesser and temporary. Second, you need to drop your fear. Society has been instigating fear among people for centuries, and so far, has succeeded in creating a wall between you and your growth. It’s about time that you bring that wall down. This can only be done, when you are not afraid. Yes, you will face challenges. Yes, you may be mocked, you may be rejected, you may be condemned. Others and society will do all their best in preventing you from achieving your mission. They will keep creating a wall of guilt and fear in you, but you shouldn’t be afraid anymore. Remember, you have already begun an inner revolution; its fire will conquer all the hurdles in your path. Don’t surrender. Face all the insurmountable difficulties with great courage. Others may try to bring you down, run you over, and topple you, but be strong. You have to be as strong as the trees that do not fall in a heavy storm. The trees which fall in the storm are themselves responsible for their death as they were too weak to face the strong wind. Yet, the wind wasn’t strong, instead the trees were weak. So drop you fear and be ready to face any storm in your way in being yourself. Third, is by accepting your responsibility. Yes, this is a very daring step. All the problems, all the source of our misery, is our own incapability to accept the way we look, act, and represent ourselves. The moment you accept this, you become responsible. By accepting yourself, you have embraced this responsibility, and you have given birth to a deep love for yourself. Once you start loving yourself the way you are, joy will shower you from everywhere. You will feel happier and blissful. Only then growth will blossom in your soul, and you will become the flower of your own self. A flower that radiates with its original fragrance that lives in freedom, and dies in utter satisfaction and glory… Fourth, awareness is needed. People have to become aware of a fact that every individual is unique and he/she has is meant to grow differently than others. Society, the parents, religion, politicians, and the educational system should be conscious of this fact, and allow freedom to every individual to choose their own path, support and motivate each individual to become their own flower. People should be provided enough love and nourishment to fully develop to their enormous potential. The individual should not be imposed, threatened, and swayed to become somebody they don’t want to be, as we all know the negative impacts of this approach. The child could have been a great poet, but his family forced him to become a doctor. The child could have excelled as an actor, but he was persuaded to become an engineer. This is why the child remains unhappy all his life – because he is not what he was supposed to be. Remember that a lily seed can only produce lily flower, not marigold no matter how much you wish or try. Similarly, you can mold a child to become the way you wanted, but you cannot mold his inner self, instead you make his life miserable when it could have been utterly joyful. To those grown up unconscious individuals brainwashed by the media and the pop culture, who want to look young forever or look like somebody else, open your eyes and peek once into your inner being. Do not waste your precious life in plastic hopes, be conscious of yourself, it is the most beautiful gift. Don’t be persuaded by people who simply want to exploit your vulnerabilities. Be strong, and learn to accept the way you are. You are already so beautiful. Only once you start loving yourself, you will be loved by everybody. - Enjoy your holidays...and really enjoy being YOU. - Thanks- Tim Price

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