Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tim Price Bloggin' For D'Addario Woodwinds - Ciao 2013...Yo- 2014! Paix et amour to everyone.

~2013 has come and gone rather quickly, and is the culmination of a year starts to show it's end, the year wasn't bad at all, not to shabby,numerous writing and playing projects went great, and the challenge of balancing travel/performing with teaching. This week I’m able to wind it all down with family and relaxing and catch my breath before things heat up again.The year was a good one. My band Jazz-A-Delic played Berks Jazz Festival..The band has never sounded better. Several of the members are out and about working in the greater Philly area and beyond. Mark Ammett, Randy Sutin and Sean J. Kennedy are world class players, and great friends, they all have done a wonderful job. Google their names if you will...they are not people who invented themselves when Facebook started or for the cheap thrill of seeing their face in an endorsement- they as I said- are world class musicians. The challenge, as is always the case, was to find the meeting place between jazz and groove music and show our roots in many musics, it is working and I am enjoying it. To me, it is one of the best bands I've lead recently. where all the genres are acknowledged in a respectful way. We will see how it all develops. We'reavailable worldwide..contact me for bookings. ~ I've also started to play with drummer Bill Goodwin in various projects.We did an excellent concert duo series at Michiko studios, that my friend Roberto Romeo produced. Roberto set this series apart and has booked some of the most unique and fresh sounds to hit NYC in a long time. Each band was different, each band carried a different message in the music. ALL...were duos.The concert at Michiko Studios was beyond words for me. To be able to be myself & create with the legendary drumming of Bill Goodwin in a environ of positive listening, attention and knowledge inspired me deeply. I'd like to thank Bill Goodwin, being the person he is. We've played in some very cool gigs together, and this one really had both of us thinking that we need to do more of this. And we will! You are a beautiful soul Bill & someone I always look forward to being in the music with. Thank you Bill. Also- huge thanks to the guys at Robertos for their tech help, assistance. Luke, Alberto ya'll rock hard- thank you. Of course the man himself Roberto Romeo. THIS CONCERT....and the duo series that is going on here is totally about the music. Which is the WAY IT SHOULD BE. Roberto knows as I do ( and hopefully you too) that the music is bigger than all of us. That's what's on my mind! Bill & I had a great time- and the vibes in the notes & tones for David S. Ware & Bert Wilson were there. Thanks to all who attended and showed real support by being there and...listening. ~ I'm also playing on a new cD with this amazing band with Sean J. Kennedy.On this new CD by Sean J. Kennedy....you can buy it at CD Baby. It has great tunes, players who are world class & I'm proud to be associated with. Check it out.The front line featured on HEY! WHERE'S MY TUX?! http://www.cdbaby.com/seanjkennedyband — with Erin Stroup, Mark Amentt, Dave Champion, John Stenger, Tim Price and Bob Wagner. Some of the best cats and great people, Sean's charts and the music is inspiring.Please check it out. ~ Also-Ernie Watts came by my home to hang in the start of October.He comes here a lot- we play music, listen to music and talk about music. I'm a lucky guy. I live in Reading, Pa- and he rents a car- when he's close and comes by. This time he brought his sister Theora and his wife Patricia. We had some amazing spinach pies I brought from NyC, and some Italian soup I made special for the day. Inspiring and for real. as I said..THIS..Is why I play music. It's all about the music too, anything else is just...anything else. We're here to play music, keep the brotherhood going and further the music as much as we can. I've known Ernie about 28 years and we always hang like this when we are near each other. Like I said- It's about the music.2014 STARTS THIS SATURDAY WITH... Saturday January ....1/4/ 14 ; The Lafayette Bar/ Easton, Pa-Easton, Pennsylvania 18042 ..Tyrone Brown is the bassist, and I am very fortunate to have guys like him and Bill Goodwin & Randy Sutin to inspire me in the music we play. As many might recall Tyrone was the bassist with Max Roach for the last few decades, and someone I loved on early Pat Martino records too. Add Bill Goodwin drums & Randy Sutin on vibes, Tibetan nipple gongs and the cool vibe & food at the Lafayette Bar along with my man Tunsie Jabbour great vibe and healthy food- I might play all night.....Looking forward.And...there you have it. Ciao 2013...YO 2014! Forward motion for sure! Paix et amour to everyone. ~ Tim Price...

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