Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tim Price Bloggin' For D'Addario Woodwinds- Have you heard Jennifer Hall? LA Studio legend & jazz baritone artist.

Jennifer Hall, born and raised in Northridge, CA attended Cal State Northridge and USC as a music major. As a saxophone and woodwind player, she played on the hit TV show, Dancing with the Stars on ABC and records for the cartoon series of Family Guy and American Dad on FOX. She has also performed with the American Tenors special for PBS, the 54th Annual Emmy Awards, the American Film Institute TV specials and the Academy Awards. Jennifer has recorded with Michel Legrand, Arturo Sandoval, Jack Sheldon, Ray Conniff and many other artists. Most recently, she has performed in concert with Barry Manilow, The Temptations, Aretha Franklin, The Four Tops, and the Pacific Symphony Orchestra.Through her decades in LosAngeles front lines,Jennifer has developed a keen understanding of the symbiotic balance between the many roles a musician has to deal with and the supporting players, between the wisdom of experience and the enthusiasm of her virtuosity. I've had the pleasure of knowing Jennifer over a dozen years, and can really say aside from her great studio skills, being an amazing bassoonist, flute player & multi-woodwind artist she is also a unsung jazz baritone artist. She would never tell you anything like that- but the truth is in the music. Music don't lie. She was a member of trumpeter Jack Sheldon's big band for a decade, subbing on the Phil Norman Tentet, Bob Florence's Limited Edition, the legendary Ann Patterson's bands (which are more world class jazz that needs to be heard )....and also quite a fantastic curved jazz soprano player. These names I mentioned are jazz royalty. Players who you can Google and get decades of information on.Jennifer was a vital part of their music, and as quiet as it's kept, a outstanding soloist as well. YOU NEED...To check out her CD - Jennifer Hall Meets.....A West Coast Tribute to Gerry Mulligan. Or enjoy her prior CD release " Portrait...by Jennifer Hall Jennifer's CD's are absolutely incredible!Her playing really burns it up andf is essential music for anyone who truly loves great jazz music. Real jazz, for the people who feel jazz, by a one of a kind multi-dimensional artist.Her outstanding musicianship is a breath of fresh air these days and her improvising is first class all the way. She is without question one of the real serious jazz stylists playing these days. Have you heard Jennifer Hall? Sure you have. If you listened to " Dancing with the stars" or " Family Guy" you sure have. She's a seasoned professional and a super cool fantastic woman.Who just happens to play extremely lyrical and beautiful jazz.I can't say enough about her. But her music speaks louder than anything I could say. She is an asset to this world of music. - - - Thank you- Tim Price / D'Addario Artist & Woodwinds Blogger.

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