Sunday, November 23, 2014

Tim Price Bloggin' For D'Addario Woodwinds- - New York City saxophone study -with Tim Price - special rate.

10% Off New York City sax study with Tim Price via Roberto's Winds. Saxophone Coaching, with instructor-coach Tim Price ; reach your goals. Expand your vision about what is possible in your life via- your playing. Mention the AD...that is here and message me at . . I'll get you started. Would you like to improve musically? Now's the time, for the saxophonist who who is interested in learning the skills. Let my experience as a player-educator work for you. -E-mail me and we will get started right away. o How to play what you hear in your head o Chord/Scale relationships & their use o Scales INSIDE scales o Important books, records . o Jazz NOMENCLATURE & notation o Ear Training exercises--the importance of them, how to do them o Thorough discussion/demonstration of the Blues & Blues Scales o Articulation-styles, how to practice them o Discussion of SWING, BOSSA NOVA, BOP, pop and rock o How to BUILD a solo o Use of Play-A-Long recordings--group/individual assignments o II-V7-I PROGRESSION o HOW to practice/WHAT to practice o Dealing with ballads and making them you own. o How to practice a song so you really know it o Piano voicing for non-pianists o What to listen for in a jazz solo o Jazz theory and proper application The sessions are informal and relaxed, yet highly structured. If you are a novice improvisor or even a pro who has always felt there was more to learn, you'll truly enjoy these lessons. IN NYC...There is a special 10% off deal- ask me about it. GET TO ME AT - TIMPRICEJAZZ@AOL.COM....Thank you- Tim Price

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