Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tim Price Blogging for D'Addario Woodwinds- Melissa Aldana....tenor saxophone player to listen to. Now!

....There's something familiar yet unique about the way she plays. Nostalgic but fresh. She has a long future ahead of her. I'd love to see her play more festivals in the USA and get more exposure.Undoubtedly, the best jazz musician Chile has ever produced. And, of course, you can hear her story in the sound of her horn. She is telling a story of her own, but in there as I said...a unique thing is happening. First thing I ever thought when I heard her was- great tone and control and I loved it. I have found her playing the most satisfying, and certainly the most stimulating in this time period. Let me tellyou in Melissa's case one feels never bored, as she keeps coming up with new, exciting, highly musical and well-expressed ideas, showing astonishing versatility and inventiveness. Keep in mind- always aware of the essential melody, but always probing its implications. A BORN LEADER....as well. Check out this amazing video on her..called " "Bridges" ...find here-https://vimeo.com/57097543 -- a short film about Melissa Aldana directed by Ivan Cordoba for 'SoupedeSouffle documentary series'. IT IS A MUST SEE! Without a doubt...I'm listening real hard to her- she's got a story to tell. . . Till next week,make every encounter. and every moment the best it can be.

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