Friday, July 31, 2015

Tim Price Bloggin' For D'Addario Woodwinds- Laurie Pepper's amazing book on Art Pepper & reflections of a total genius musician.

ART: Why I Stuck With a Junkie Jazzman: by Laurie Pepper .........ART PEPPER....One of my life changing things was hearing Art Pepper at the Village Vanguard in the mid 70's. That's when the Times Square Hotel was still there....loaded with any kind of crazy, business guy, transients you could imagine.They had weekly rates- and after hearing Art the first nite- I extended my stay immediately. As I returned to my room at almost the elevator, there was one of the hotel characters dressed in white in the old elevator with me, he proclaimed.." Jesus is on the 2ed floor!"...So I quickly answered him with.." Well Art Pepper is at the Village Vanguard." It's like that! Hearing him that week was a breath of fresh air, I later saw Art at a Ornette Coleman concert...with Laurie and it was inspiring to see Art and Ornette exchange hello's. TO fact I've never heard a bad Art Pepper album. His autobiography, Straight Life, is searing. What a life, and a must read! But...THE REAL AGENDA TODAY IS...Buy the book Laurie Pepper did called,"ART: Why I Stuck With a Junkie Jazzman: by Laurie Pepper". It's about that part of life where it all makes sense in the art form aspect and also love. The love between two people, the love and commitment to the art form of jazz. I'm telling you- BUY IT NOW. There is no other way to review this. It's a love supreme of a content and life work for Laurie.My hat is off to her for her work in releasing Art's music, documenting his life like this properly and above all the depth of her story.Laurie is also a great writer- she tells the story. ...IF...your a saxophonist and do not know his work, invest in the CD's and vinyl. Hear him on you tube but DO NOT stop there. Buy the CD' his tone, his joy and passion. NOTHING LIKE IT. Plus one of the jazz masters on clarinet and I loved his tenor saxophone playing.As important to jazz as Miles or Trane or anyone, Art Pepper stood on his own and without a doubt was a total innovator. Get that book today, and more Art coming your way in my blog- TIM PRICE About the Author Laurie Pepper was born in 1940 in Los Angeles to a family of radicals and artists. She grew up in New York and Los Angeles, attended U.C. Berkeley, and was photographer for the legendary L.A. Free Press during the 1960s but went astray and wound up in rehab where she met Art Pepper. Since Art’s death in 1982, she has continued to produce and promote his music. Her very small label, Widow’s Taste, has released a new album of previously unreleased Art Pepper performances every year since 2006.

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