Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tim Price Bloggin' For D'Addario Woodwinds- Wintertime bliss or wintertime blues?

Everyone can suffer from the winter blues, the lack of daylight and effects of spending less time outside leave you feeling subpar. Even if you feel OK mentally and emotionally when it's dark and cold out — I love brisk, snowy days — it can be challenging to stay healthy physically this time of year. There are fewer whole foods in season and it can be challenging to get outside and get moving as much as you might like.Food-wise, my freezer is loaded with veggies and fruit so they don't disappear from the table during the off-season. It makes my spirit glad. But everyone likes their comforts, and I've found that stocking a full cupboard and a variety of teas and keeping a stack of books on hand gives me the peace of mind that no matter what Old Man Winter brings, I can burrow in my home and when the storm clears, it will all come out just fine. That said- THE MUSIC...is your biggest asset. I try to keep working on my Bach pieces and keep the energy for musical forward motion- growth and ideas at it's max. Try taking Joe Viola's Technique Of The Saxophone book- and building tempos on comfortable pages and getting your weak points going on the others. ,,,,,,,,,,,,, LISTENING PROVIDES LEARNING AS WELL......I put a few CD album covers here, there's a good chance you have heard of them but not these CD's...take the time and BUY THE MUSIC. Then listen to them over and over again- lunch for your ears I call it. You need to hear something that it REAL JAZZ and has a constant in life to develop awarness of this. Also- take the little exercises below..and start to play them. Go slow - when you can take them thru the keys. If you can't do that....FIND A TEACHER and study. Enjoy the time the winter makes for you and your sanity and music- Till next week- strive for tone and stay warm- TIM PRICE

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