Saturday, December 26, 2015

Tim Price Bloggin' For D'Addario Woodwinds- - Stuff to practice from Tim Price- Transcriptions- Lines- Ideas- chord studys, phrasing, Hawkins, Cannonball, Rollins, RARE Michael Brecker interview and more!

--- HERE IS A HOLIDAY SPECIAL TO TAKE YOU....INTO THE NEW YEAR 2016 IN THE MOST MUSICAL WAY...IN THE SHED- Transcriptions- lines on chords- Licks and more from me to you, PLUS A RARE MICHAEL BRECKER INTERVIEW I DID...Enjoy and enjoy - Music for music's sake is the path to travel....Thank you - - Tim Price LAST,,,,BUTNOT LEAST,,,A RARE MICHAEL BRECKER INTERVIEW I DID FOR SAXOPHONE JOURNAL ; This was a conversation that Michael and I had in 1991. It was a combination of some ideas that we were talking about,I made some cassette tapes for him of Bert Wilson, then got him in touch with Bert later. He did know Bert from a loft time period in the early 70's though. Point here is..It was a very relaxed conversation...Very non-interview like in a way that's why I moved forward to get the editor. There were some parts about multi-phonics that were edited out by the editor, and some other content but. Most of all we had a lot of fun.....hope you enjoy it — at Hastings on the Hudson...Michael's home.

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