Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tim Price Bloggin' For D'Addario Woodwinds- Thoughts about Jimmy Lyons.

~ JIMMY LYONS ; Today was his birthday~, and he was a source of energy, knowledge, soul & common sense...and more to the music we call jazz. Records like=Other Afternoons ...Riffs Jump Up....Something in Return..Burnt Offering Wee Sneezawee..Give It Up...With Cecil- Into the Hot- Mixed- Student Studies- Akisakila- Spring of Two Blue J's- Dark to Themselves- Cecil Taylor Unit- 3 Phasis- Live in the Black Forest-One Too Many Salty Swift and Not Goodbye- It Is in the Brewing Luminous- The Eighth- Winged Serpent-The Great Concert of Cecil Taylor-Conquistador- Unit Structures- Nefertiti, the Beautiful One Has Come...That music & more has to NEVER be forgotten and MUST be listened to by everyone, always. This man's depth as an artist but also someone who had the_deep roots_in Bird, blues & beyond- and composing-conceptions. Jimmy was someone that is always in my ears, he told a story when he played. At the time 1982, Jimmy Lyons wrote this support letter for me below this- to get some grants from the Pa Council on the arts- Which helped me a lot- As I got over 6 grants through the years to do my own music- and produce it. Positive energy- and thanks to Jimmy Lyons for the friendship & inspiration & more- this man was infinite! I was studying with him and his bassoonist wife Karen Borca. Karen was amazing and gave me a rebirth in bassoon playing just hearing her! Quite as it's kept- she is one of the real masters and innovators! Beautiful soul Karen Borca is, Going to their home in the Bronx- after I spend over a decade in road bands, was just what I needed. Doors opened in my thinking and it was something very inspiring. Jimmy was the ultimate! Being around Jimmy was amazing and enlightening- he was one of the real innovators in modern music. GO LISTEN TO HIM....YOU HAVE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THIS ARTIST. I sure miss him too- he left the planet to early and was a spirit to always listen for. Bright sun upon his spirit. Tim Price- Bloggin' For D'Addario ;


  1. Excellent tribute to Jimmy, Tim. Jimmy remains an inspiration to me.

  2. Jimmy Lyons! WeeSneezeawee, Give it Up, Jump Up--did he ever put out a bad record? A genius of music and a giant of the alto saxophone. He deserves a postage stamp.